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    How to solve the objective questions?

    Hi all,

    In most of competitive examination, the screening of large number of candidate is based on objective questions test.

    So it is very necessary to know that how to tackle the objective questions and how to answers smartly.

    Some times, you have no answer to remember, but still you can score most rightly.

    So please post answer, how to solve a question paper of all categories of subjects and especially to individual subject also.

    This question was posted in this link also earlier-

    Thank you.
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    See the first and the most important aspect about dealing with the objective type questions is maintaining a good confidence level. The simple logic behind this is that it brings a positive approach out of you towards initiating the first and basic steps to solving and answering the question correctly even if you are not sure about what the correct answer is. Patience and confidence ,many people might think i am boasting ,are the priliminary requisites to go for objectives.

    Objectives are generally classified in two broad categories:

    1) Questions that are meant to test specifically and only your knowledge.

    2) Questions that are made to test your intellect and have very less to do with your knowledge of concept.

    Often both of these types are equally distributed in a full objective question paper.

    Regarding the first type of questions ,picking the correct one is a bit sticky job but still you can try to detect a hint from the question that might assist to catch the odd one out ,you can go for it. It works in most of the cases including but not limiting to CAT ,IITJee etc.
    It often applies to questions related to Chemistry, History , Geography,Economics and related subjects.

    Coming to second category of objectives that are meant just to test your intellectual skills ,one can try to find the most appropriate option among the choices (can just make a wild guess if nothing works) and then move to the question trying to fit that choice so that it works the question out.
    This things often works for mathematics ,accounts related questions.

    In the end a quote that may look a myth but true from my experience.
    If you have studied the subject and you come across a question that you know you can't solve, answer sometimes just comes from instinct within if you are in perfect mood and high confidence.
    This is no guarentee although.

    All the Best (hope this helps)

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    these objective type questions mainly concentrate on your mental ability and confidence in these we have to concentrate on time and we have to give the answer based on negative marking also.
    start preparation with your best known subject and make a plan for the exam.try to test yourself with more practice papers with the same type paper that is with the same model and same negative marking.before going to exam test your self with more papers.
    and we cannot consider the negative mark 1/4 as a negative mark because we can get one good answer from the 4 q's and consider 1/3 or less as a negative mark.

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    Objective Type is good option to judge our knowledge and mental situation. Hence now a days for any thing like jobs and higher education use objective questions.
    For high Scoring,
    Maximum Practice,
    Solve Puzzles,
    Last use "identification of Wrong Answers"
    you will get wright answers.

    With Best Regards,

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    For the screening of huge candidates,many agencies prefers objective tests.It is very important to clear this test to qualify for next test.To select correct answer is very difficult.The deep study of the subject is necessary to select correct answer.The regular practice and understaning of the subject plays important role.Only gussing the answer can be dengerous.Anyone can get 100% marks through effectve efforts in any objectve exam. but in descriptive exam it is nearly impossible.

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