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    Age difference between two kids

    What is the idle age difference that one should keep between two kids?
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    The answer to this question depends on how your personal activities on job front, help at home if your both of you are working and the financial status and most important - the physical health status of the mother

    Whenever a couple plans to have a child (either the first or second)these are some of the factors which have to be taken into consideration before going ahead with it.

    Ideally an age difference of 3 to 4 years is good. But before deciding on this look at:

    Physical Health: The mother should have regained her physical strength after the birth of the first child. A new born baby requires lot of energy. Even the father should be in a good physical condition without any health problems, since it involves lot of work at home. 3-4 years age gap is an ideal figure since the mother would have recovered physically well from the birth of the first child.

    Financial Condition: Having a baby is quite expensive as it involves doctors charges, hospital expenditure and ofcourse all the other things required to feed and look after the baby. The younger the child, more the expense. So make sure you are well planned with funds. Again having 3-4 years gap will help in your finance planning, as the older one would have started going to school and would eating normal almost adult food.

    Physical time: One needs to spend lot of time with babies till they are 3-4 years old and it is time for them to have their own friends. This age gap also helps in getting the older child involved in certain activities of looking after the younger baby. This will help in bonding and reducing the sibling rivalry feeling.

    So looking at all these age gap of 3-4 years should be ideal.

    Chitra Prakash

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    i would like to suggest that the ideal age difference between two children must be 5-6 years.

    it is because of several reasons and the most important ones are:-

    1) It helps in the proper growth and feed of the children.

    2) Parents can decide the future policies regarding children's education because they have enough time for the same.

    3)The younger child learns to respect the elder one due a little more age difference which becomes scarce when age difference is less.

    4) After the children are grown up,the elder one can properly guide the younger one.

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    Dear Friend

    In my personal view the age diffrence between two kids should be not more than three years.

    It my personal view it is not binding to anyone.


    Abdul Razzaq.

    Keep Your City GREEN.

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    I will suggest for 3-5 because its very important that both the kids are friendly. When there is more age difference then you may have to deal with lot of fights between them:-) And they can study together as both are almost of the same age group. To make it short they should mingle well for a long lasting relationship.
    All the best.

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    Theoritically the age difference of two children should be 3 to 5 years .This helps parents , especially the mother to cop with the physical problems related to childbirth and lactation . Again this also helps one family to settle the finance after the expenditure related to doctors,medicine and hospitals .

    But practically , I have noticed people opt for a maximum two year gap after the first child . The reason ,first this way the older doesn't feel left behind .Because once a child gets used to his single child status for long four to five years it is unbearable for him or her to see parents , especially mom getting busy with a 'wrapped up doll'. And at this age the older needs more activity ,more time with parents and more thoughtful parenting .

    Secondly , the mother physically becomes reluctant to bear one more child because one need to start afresh from zero once again with all the sleepless nights of feeding a newborn to wash loads of diapers diapers .

    Again financially too it helps . Reason , one can use the older one's clothes , diapers and other things like crib , feeding bottles etc .
    Lastly , the two find a chance to grow up together , in each others company .Most importantly for parents the tiresome job of baby sitting gets over earlier and they can plan the future of the family at an earlier age .

    Runa N. Borah.

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    According to me, to answer this question two aspects must be kept in mind:
    1) Connection: If the age difference between the children is vast, they are not able to connect properly with each other. Thus, (according to me) maximum age difference between them should not be more than 4 years.

    2) The health of mother: The mother should keep in mind her health after the birth of the first child. She should also make sure that she is emotionally and physically ready to conceive another child.

    This is my personal opinion.

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    There should be atleast 2yrs difference between two child so as they may have somewhat equal age group to play together in future and share their minds whatever they feel. If the age differs more than 5 to 6 yrs there me some gap between both in future.

    First you should look all your stuffs either you can manage with both child education, entertainment, satisfy their wants and then to run family smooth. After then you plan for second child that is also the necessary thing in life.

    Best regards,

    "Someone who cant accept you at your worst.., has no rights to be with you at your best..!

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    The age different between two children should be atleast 3-4 years. Because you cant manage two children at a one time. It depends upon financial condition, physical condition & the status of our life.
    At a one time we can manage our child all things that he/she want. We can give her/him the high education. But for two children it is difficult to do same thing with both of.
    After your first child age is 3-4 years then you can mentally prepare for the second child and you also can manage the finance condition.
    Now a days the education & other necessary things of human life are increases & competitive.

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    Husband and wife should resolve this question by mutual conversation. Ideally, there should be 3 years of difference between two kids but this is not a general rule. Different circumstances prevail for different couples. Other related Family matters and issues should also be taken into consideration.

    If one couple gets married at relatively higher age then they have to think two kids at interval of 1or 1.5 years because extra higher age of female is not suitable or advisable to give birth to a kid.

    If one couple gets married at relatively lower age then they can think two kids at interval of more than 3 or 4 years because they have enough time for this.

    Some people think that if the husband is financially well settled, then there is no need to keep gap of more than 1 year.

    Some people think if they are not settled, they should not think for second kid but later on situation is changed and they reconsider their decision so in such case gap might be for more than 5 years.

    Some females think that they should free as early as possible from the activity of taking care of children so they may think a gap of 1 year is more than enough.

    Couple should talk in details for this question and after taking into account all related issues should take decision. Agreement between husband and wife is very crucial in such type of issues.

    So keeping in mind all the above consideration, should take decision regarding age difference between two kids. I reiterate 3 years of gap is advisable.

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    This is fully depend on parents only. Normally 3-4 years gap is better between 2 baby. Some important side also should follow to parents for next baby.

    Mother is physically strong?
    Mother is mentally prepare to carry next baby?
    Mother is able to take proper care for both child?
    Is there any understanding between husband and wife for next baby?
    Parents have enough financial capability to maintain own family smoothly include new comer?

    If these questions answer come positive, then parents can take the decision for next baby.

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