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    Difference between Structured Programming Language and Object Oriented Programming Language

    What is the difference between Structured Programming Language and Object Oriented Programming Language. Which one is more powerful?
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    Dear Friend,

    The difference between Structured Programming language and Object Oriented Programming language are:-

    Structured Programming Language
    1) Follow top-down approach to program design.
    2) Data and Functions don’t tide with each other.
    3) Large programs are divided into smaller self contained program segment known as functions.
    4) Data moves openly around the system from function to function.
    5) Functions are dependent so reusability is not possible

    Object Oriented Programming Language
    1) Follow bottom-up approach in program design.
    2) Functions and data are tide together.
    3) Programs are divided into entity called Objects.
    4) Data is hidden and can’t be accessed by the external world
    5) Functions are not dependent so reusability is possible

    Object Oriented Programming is more powerful than Structured Programming, as we can see above, we can re-use the code, Data is safe as it is hidden etc. in Object Oriented Programming.

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    Hello Friend,
    Procedure programming algorithm and object oriented algorithm are two different and most important algorithms to writ computer programs to solve particular problems.
    Differeces : -
    • Procedure of solving the problem is of prime importance in procedure programming language but data is of prime importance in object oriented programming.
    • Data security is more in object oriented algorithm due to private data type as compare to procedure programming approach.
    • Reusability of code is possible in object oriented language while it is not possible in procedure programming approach.

    with best regards,
    Sunil Saharan
    Working for an ideal and peaceful society.


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    structured programming language is a simply a collection of functions but in this we do not have more security.
    in object oriented programming we will have more secure through using
    a)Exception handling
    c)data hiding using its access specifiers
    these oo langs are well suited for the three tier and n tier architectures and in this we will have multi threading utility that is multitasking is directly supported.
    the other key feature in oo is polymorphism.
    so i believe that oo is more power full than structured approach.

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    Structured programming and OOP are the most popular paradigms today,there are significant differences between them. They are listed below:

    Structured programming

    1. Stress is on the algorithms used to solve the problem. Data takes the back seat.
    2. Algorithm for solving the problem is compartmentalized into modules or functions.
    3. Uses the best algorithm from among the different procedures available.
    4. Adopts the divided and conquer policy in smaller region.
    5. It has reduced data security and data integrity, as they are globally accessible to all the functions.


    1. Focus is given to the data rather than procedure.
    2. Data is compartmentalized into capsules or objects.
    3. Decides the classes and objects required and provides full set of operations for each class.
    4. Adopts the divided and conquer policy in a bigger region.
    5. It is centered on the concepts of objects, data abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance and polimorphism.

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