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    Can I apply for a duplicate PAN card online?


    Recently I lost my PAN card. So I want to apply for a duplicate PAN card. Can I apply for it online. If yes, please give me URL or site name and how to do so.
    Also tell me what documents I will be needing.

    Thank you
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    Dear Vimal,

    You can apply for duplicate PAN card on line through the following link.

    Please read the instructions before proceeding to apply.


    With Regards and Best wishes,


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    Yes, you can apply for duplicate PAN card but need to give complete detail about previous PAN and address etc.

    You may track new pan card application from UTI India website. Also, you can verify pan card verification applications.

    Please use the below link...

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    Instead of applying in Online you can apply in straight it will be easy because you have to fill a form and if you have a xerox copy of your old pancard it is very easy to trace out , Atleast are you remember your pan number because of have it you can apply for the same.

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