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    Sarpanch/MP/MLA in India

    Brief summary what does Sarpanch/MP/MLA means in India. How does they are elected, what are their eligibility, nos. etc.; for project.
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    Dear Vinay,

    1. Sarpanch is the Head of a Village Panchayath. The Sarpanch will be elected through a process of election and voting by the Villagers. Village panchayath is also called as local self Government which has the statutary approval. They are vested with certain powers in regard implementation of Governmental schemes.

    2. MLA [Member of Legislative Assembly]- A MLA will be representing a consituency in State. He will be elected by the votes of that particilar constituency. He is a representative of people of that constituency in the Legislative assembly. He is required look after the constituency and work towards welfare of the people and implementation of the developmental programmes of the State as well as the Union Government.

    3. MP- [Member of Parliament] MP's represent people in the Parliament of India.Member of parliament has two types- MP's to the Lokasabha are elected by the people and MP's to Rajyasabha are elected by State legislatures. MP's to Lokasabha or the lower house are elected by the people of particular consituency. They are responsible for their constituency in regard implementation of the Schemes and take up the issues before the parliament.


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    Hello Vinay Kumar
    Sarpanch is the judicial head of the panchayat, MLA is member of legislative assembly while MP is memeber of parliament (Lok sabha and Rajya sabha). Sarpanch is elected by the voter of concerned panchayat, MLA is elected by the voter of legislative assembly and member of lok sabha is elected by the voter of parliamentary contituency while member of rajya sabha is elected by the MLA and MLC and few of the memebers of Rajya sabha are nominated by the president of India.
    All three should be the citizen of India, must not be convicted by the cort, and also not be insane. Age should be more than 25yrs.

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