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    Scope in Criminology and Police Administration


    I am a Forensic Document examiner. I would like to pursue B.A. in Criminology and Police Administration.
    Kindly advice on employment opportunities in this field in india and abroad.

    Can i join the CBI, CID, etc based on this degree and if yes to what designation.


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    Dear Rahul
    If you are Forensic document examiner in any Forensic laboratory
    then you must have examined cases of CID,CBI etc related to improve your qualification in documentation for better future.If your interested to the uniform OF CID,CBI Then you can apply to the post ofASI,SI,Dy.S.P.andI.P.S.according to ability and choice.
    Only criminology and police administration will not fulfil your choice.You have to do M.Sc.,Ph.D. for reasearch work.

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