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    The project to Start Small Scale Industries

    Respected Sir,

    Pls tell the exact or approx time period and amount of investment to start a Small Scale Industry project in matter of Cyber Cafe and Tailoring business
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    you can start small scale electronics toy industry.

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    Hi freinds,

    It is really tough to start new business, not in terms of investment, all businesses requires clear understanding of their process, sales, marketing strategies, which a new guy cannot do as it requires lots of experience.

    Better solution to start new business is to get attach with any running company by being their affiliate's. This will help a lot and minimize your total investment cost of setting up your new business.

    Hope this will help.

    One such site which allow individual to start their business being a affiliate's is:

    This is your own area of expressing ideas,
    Express in such a way that other can get benefit from it.

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    To start any business we must have a firm knowledge about the field and enough experience in that field to thrive.

    As Mr.Dhirendra has correctly pointed out that you have to get attach as an affiliate before starting an own business.

    I would also say that don't invest all you have in the field.Just invest a partial amount in the field.

    And the main thing is that you must be known to many at least in your area that you are running a business ie you must advertise to reach many customers.

    Customer satisfaction is must to maintain the inflow of customers .At any cost don't leave your customers go.

    Get constant guidelines from the parents or friends to improving your business.

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    Hi! Thats very true as above members said its very important to have firm knowledge about the process, working , management & initial investment money generally known as capital to start a business, let it be a cyber cafe or a tailoring business. Apart from these general factors, Place of business, location & market segmnent is also very important.

    Lets take cyber cafe busness : It not only includes setting up a shop with few computers & an internet connection. It also includes, providing fastest internet speed without any connection drop-outs to customers. If u have sound knowledge of networking & computer hardware & software, because where their are many systems, you would surely come accross breakdown of machines on daily basis, many viruses are being discovered on daily basis, or damage due to customers who do not have sound knowledge of computers. but no issues, if u dont have sharp knowledge about cyber cafe business or computers, you may involve some or any of your relative or friend with you who have good knowledge of computers. Yes. capital is the most importamnt part, If you can arrange around Rs. 5,00,000/- you can start cyber cafe business (shop on rent). & setting up cyber cafe shop doesnt take so long, it takes around one or two days of times to start a cyber cafe business.

    If u want to start talioring business then it also involves good knowledge of sewing, shop location, potential buyers or customers, market segment, many things would be their that is required to be looked into, So, if u think u have berrter expertiese on cyber cafe so for that else choice is totally yours. Please free to contact me on +91 - 9990584209 anytime for clearifications of your doubts.

    Best of luck.

    Amit Verma
    +91 - 9990584209
    (System Engineer)
    Compu-Tech Zone - Gurgaon

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    see my friend,
    It depend on the quality you make. If you invest more in interior and the condition of PC are good then, neraly many people will come in your cyber cafe.
    About costNormally this kind of business are RISKY.

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    This is very interesting to be an enterprenuar.i support your idea.The only thing you have to do start your business in well.You have to prefer the best PCs and the infrastructure should attract well with prior comforts.Think well when you invest money on every part..
    All the best.

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    A cyber cafe business is not a big task. You should have a small area where you can initially install 3 - 4 computers and a net connection. The starting earnings will be less but gradually with some kind of distribution of notice about your cyber cafe your earnings will go up. First of all you should find a brand name which exhibit for an attraction.

    As far as a Small scale industry, you must find find out a product which is rarely available in the market. Take advise from the Marketing Consultants who will guide you properly how to go about it, in terms of investment, expenses, risk, etc.

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    In this case National Small Scale Industries corporation New Delhi will provide exact and necessary information.

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    hi friend,
    first of all, i want to appreciate you for having such courageous idea and as of your question, small scale industries are good option and they'll provide you with minimum risk in the matter of finance.
    i would suggest you to start a tailoring business a month or two before some festival like diwali or such kind, this will ensure your incoming customer's no will be constant and will increase gradually. advertisement is very essential for any business and so is the quality. if you deliver good quality product, your business will flourish.
    well about the amount you need to shell out for these type would be around 30,000 to 40,000 (i am giving you the maximum limit)it upto you to make it a grand success with your hard work

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    Hello you should start business by loan from bank.and should sattle down good business.

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    Look my friend
    Today is the world of information and Technology,also is the world of growing population so, i suggest you to start a small hydel power project (if u have a healthy investment planning) because power(electricity)is the leading world's demand so most of the people are in need of energy which is infact lacking so if u have sufficient money then go for a small hydel project

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