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    who are 5 most important citys of India & why?

    Dear friends,
    have you guess the 5 most imp citys of India?
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    Hi Vilas,

    The most important cities of India are Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkatta, Chennai and Hyderabad.

    The reason is 3 of them are on sea shore. So, they got good transportation facilities. Others also have good transportation facilities as they are connected by rail and Air.

    This is the major thing that leads to the development of a place. As they got good transportation, they can get good other facilities and services too which are provided by National and Multi National Companies

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    The answer of this question depends on the criteria for the evaluation. We have 4 metros and other Class-A cities (e.g. Noida, Gurgaon in North, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune in south), which are good for at-par lifestyle. But if you want to know the cities who are economical hub, then I would suggest (1)Mumbai (2)Noida/Greater Noida (3)Nasik (4)Surat and (5)Ahemdabad.

    Similarly, Cities known for Major ports are (1)Mumbai (2)Kolkata (3)Chennai (4)Cochin (5)Vishakhapattaman

    Top 5 Historical heritage cities (1)Agara [The tazmahal] (2)Hampi [The last capital of Ancient Vijaynagar] (3) Khajuraho [Ancient caves] (4)Aurangabad [Ajanta & Allora Caves] (5) New Delhi [Kutubminar, Lal kila, Nearby city Fatehpur Sikri]

    Top 5 Spiritual Cities : (1)Haridwar(2)Varanasi (3)Bodhgaya (4)Rishikesh (5)Amritsar

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    1. Delhi obviously as being capital city.
    2. Mumbai - The then called economic capital of India
    3. Banglore - Silicon valley of India, capital of modern economy of india. Software hub.
    4. Kolkata - Rish spiritual and cultural values. Great Intellectuals from there.
    5. Jaipur- Small but really to love, Gulabi Nagari, peaceful, most growing city of india. First planned city of India.

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    My choice would be:
    1) Delhi: The capital of India and obviously the most important city in India.

    2) Mumbai : The financial capital of India.This is where the stock market runs and this is where the Reserve Bank of India exists.

    3) Banglore: The IT Capital of India. The two main resources of India are Agriculture and sharp brains. This is the place where the sharp brains are used to their fullest.

    4) Hyderabad: A city showing the integrity of the country. Muslims, Cristians, Hindus and many others live like "Bhayi- Bhayi" here. It is also the second IT capital of India.

    5) Chennai and Kolkata fight for this place . Both are large ports and deal with large amounts of import and export involving a huge amount of national revenue.

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    List of Top Cities in India:


    Tourist places in each city:


    a.gateway of India
    b.Kanheri Caves
    c.Mahalakshmi Temple
    d.Mount Mary
    e.Sanjay Gandhi National Park

    a.The Red Fort
    b.Qutb Minar
    c.Lotus Temple
    d.India Gate
    e.Rastrapathi Bhavan

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