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    White hair

    I am 24 years old. For the past few months white hair have begin to grow on my head. I ask my mother to pluck them out but she says that by plucking white hairs would increase. Is it true or just a myth? Also what should I do to get rid of this problem of white hairs.
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    Santosh Kumar Singh
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    Ya it's true that if you pull the white hair then the liquid which lies in the root of the hair will be spread in other area of your scalp and it spreads the white/grey hair.

    Let us see some of the causes for grey hair.

    1. It may be a genetic problem.
    2. Due to stress and tension also your hair becomes grey.
    3. Using lots of chemical product may also make your hair grey.
    4. Using leomen or lime juice to your hair also makes it grey because lime contains citric acid.

    Some of the remedies are:

    1. Don't use chemical products for washing your hair.
    2. Use a mixture of shikakai powder, hibiscus leaves powder, methi seeds powder for washing your hair.
    3. Keep yourself cool and to reduce your tension and stress go for doing yoga and meditation, listen to some music etc.
    4. Don't use lime to wash your hair or to treat dandruff. Instead use white pepper powder.
    5. Add lots of curry leaves in your diet.
    6. Eat atleast one gooseberry daily.
    7. You can apply natural henna or mehandi powder to your hair which will help you to hide your grey hair and also gives your hair a trendy look.
    8. Drink lots of water.
    9. Go for oil massage once in a month.
    10. Eat lots of green leaves or spinach.

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    Hello prateek dave,

    I think plucking or cutting of grey hair has nothing to do with accelerated graying of hair or graying the hair in the neighborhood of the plucked hair.

    People having uncontrolled thick / dense hair growth, are found getting ‘early and widespread graying’ of their hair. On the other hand it is found that, the hairs of balding people with thin and scanty hair start ‘late and slow graying’ of their hair.

    I am sorry to say that there is no medicine, hair-oil, other application or therapy available in the world that can stop early-graying of your hair. I would advise you not to waste your money or energy on any of such treatments.

    You better resort to cosmetic coloring that has currently become fashion world over. Just don’t get tensed for this problem because this is genetic and cannot be termed anything like your defect, deficiency or anything for which you need to feel down.

    Get them Colored and forget about them

    For more information on this subject please read my postings on following threads of IndiaStudyChannel:

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    Harish Jharia
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    Well there can be numerous causes for the early whitening of hair :-
    See which is it in you case.
    1)You drink very less water.
    2)You do not put oil into your hair.
    3)You do not shampoo it on regular interval.
    4)You take too much of junk food.
    5)You live in a heavy industrial zone.
    6)You do not consume green and leafy vegetables.
    7)You have bowel problems.
    8)You have got dry scalp.

    After finding out your case, try to work on that.

    Hope you will have better results.

    Brijesh Singh

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    wit hair in the head may be due to lots of reasons as follows.

    1.Contact of honey in hair which makes the hair grow white.
    2.genetical problem.
    5.intake of more tea.

    it is true that plucking of hair wil increase in growth of more white hair.

    because hair keeps growing even after one week of the dead body.
    thus the plucked hair will spread to grow.

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