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    Cancelled cheque

    i am asked to produce a canceled cheque inorder to apply for a scholarship.My bank mangr told me to wait for a 15 days after that i will recive my cheque book .
    Is ther any other way to have a a canceled chque
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    For various purposes cancelled cheque is required.But you only can issue a cheque after getting it from your bank. so you have to wait till the bank supply.You can request your Bank Manager for your urgency and I think there is no such rules in the bank to supply the cheque book after 15 days.If there is the stock of cheque book with the bank the bank should supply it on demang by the customers.
    Hence the only way is to request the bank authority for the cheque book.Otherwise you have to open a bank accounts with another branch where the cheque book is supplied at the time of account opening.

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    Cancelled cheques are for records
    by banks for granting loans etc.

    You may open an account with any bank
    with check facility.You will get
    cheque book.Remove one leaf and draw
    two lines diagonally and write "canelled"
    in large letters.
    Do not write date,amount or signature in it.

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    The expected Turn around time for a cheque book is 3 days.
    Speak to your branch manager in person and discuss.

    However, the bank will have unprinted cheque books with them.
    On request, they will put the seal of your Account no and give it to you. But you should meet the branch manager and submit a request.
    Once they give it, you can cancel a cheque and submit it.

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    Dear Mahesh ,
    It must not be difficult for you to get your bank Cheque book if you explain the circumstances under which you require them immediately for your use . Nowadays, bank officers and managers are so kind to help the customer and gain their confidence to retain their accounts in their bank - banking is business and one cannot be reluctant to help their customer . I got the cheque book immediately on opening my account from State Bank Of India ,Kotak Mahindra Bank and Axis Bank. May be opening a new account with a bank may be difficult but cheque book can be obtained immediately if you are an account holder in that bank.

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    The cancelled cheque is required to capture the electronic data of your bank like RTGS code IFCS code etc. There is no harm in furnishing a cancelled cheque to the required person since it will be helpful in online transfer of money, e.c.s. deduction etc. Nowadays, cheque books are freely available in all banks where you have account.
    Satish Kumar Pranatharthyharan,
    Superintendent of Central Excise & Customs.

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