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How to identify fake drugs in India?

Interested in knowing if the drugs are fake? Searching for the various differences between fake and real drugs? On this Ask Expert page find the suggested methods and resolve your query.

How to control fever and headache?

Have a query about controlling fever and headache? Searching for names of medicines and injections to cure the ailments? Find advice from medical experts on this page.

Is it good to take bath after exercise?

Have a query about exercising? Looking out for reasons to take a bath after gymming? On this page, you can check out suggestions from experts and resolve your doubts.

Will it possible to adulterate turmeric?

Have you wondered if turmeric could be adulterated or how to differentiate normal turmeric powder from adulterated ones? Find out this and the adverse effects of adulterated turmeric powder over here.

How to cure Dengue fever

Searching for remedies to cure dengue fever? Check out this page for advice from experts.

How to avoid Typhoid fever

Do you want to know about the reasons for Typhoid fever and the home remedy for its cure? Go through the responses here given by the ISC experts.

Heart Problem and bypass surgery

Wants to know about the reasons for heart related problems and bypass surgery. Please read on the views of our experts shared here.

Doubt about health tests

Have a query about health tests? Searching for resolution on the web? Here, on this Ask Expert page you can check out responses from experts.

What is the difference in green Tea and other Varieties.

Wondering what is green tea? Looking for the differences in green tea and other varieties of tea available in market? Get your answer here. Understand the difference in green tea and other varieties of tea here in this thread.

Treatment at Private Hospital

Wants to know how to check the private hospital management charging higher rates from patients. Let us have the views and suggestions from our ISC experts here.

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