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Changing name on SSC and HSC results

Having a name mismatch in SSC and HSC results as compared to aadhaar card? Searching for information about how to resolve this issue? On this page, find advice from experts and proceed with these steps to make the required changes.

ECNR passport documentation problem

Have a query about ECNR status in passport? Looking out for reasons about why the certificates were rejected? On this Ask Expert page check out responses from experts and resolve yuor worries about rejection.

Missing one letter in father's name in documents

Having a typo error in any document like marksheets/ PAN card/ AAdhar card? Worried whether it will create any issue in document verification? Find advice from experts here and resolve your worries.

Why do cockroaches come out when we turn off the lights?

Ever wondered why cockroaches come out when it is dark? Looking out for answers online? On this Ask Expert page you can find the answers to your query.

Is acupressure treatment really helpful?

Wary of acupressure treatment? Know from experts whether or not it is beneficial and safe to get acupressure treatment and if one can do such treatment oneself at home for a common illness.

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