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Father's name problem in my education certificate

Are you facing any spelling mistake in any education certificates? Worried about whether this will create any problem in the future? Check out this page for suggestions from Experts to resolve your issue.

Can I sit for any Govt. job during B.Tech

Planning to take up a government job? Wondering if you can attend exams of government job along with BTech studies? Check out this page where our ISC experts shall answer your questions.

Can I go for dual degree after diploma

Have a query about doing dual degree after XII? Searching for information about the names of colleges in UP? Check out advice from experts on this Ask Expert page.

PSU or IIT's for Mechatronics graduate

Aspiring to join a PSU? Confused about giving GATE if being a Mechatronics student? Resolve your worries and decide your further plan of action of giving GATE by going through the responses from experts.

Difference in name on certificates

Is there any issue with name spellings in certificates? Worried about government job documentation? Scroll through this page and get all the advice you are looking for.

Father's name in short in all certificates

Is there an issue with father's name in all certificates? Worried about whether it will create any problem in government job or PG admissions? Check out this page and get a resolution to your worries.

Is MCA degree equivalent to Hons. degree?

Confused about the difference between an MCA degree and a Hons. Degree? Understand from experts' answers below the difference between them & if they are considered equivalent for a government job requirement.

Eligibility for admission in IB IPCC

Are you keen on pursuing the International Baccalaureate? ?- Integrated Professional Competence Course? Know if you are eligible to apply for it with expert guidance.

I seek Career Guidance post HSC

Confused between choosing BCA or BBA after HSC? Looking out for career guidance here? You can check out advice from experts on this page and decide how to resolve your confusion.

The best sites to earn money online

Interested in freelance writing? Looking out for online avenues for such work form home opportunities? On this page check out suggestions from experts for all your queries.

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