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Selection process for Ranji trophy

Are you interested to know the procedure for getting selected for Ranji Trophy at state level? Go through the suggestions below made by our experts.

How can I join the Indian team as a bowler

Want to become a bowler and represent the country in cricket? Looking out for the detailed procedure to do so? Here, on this page find advice from experts and resolve your query to become a cricketer.

What is the possibility to make cricket career at 29

Aspiring to become a cricketer? Wondering if it is possible at the age of 29 years? Read the responses from experts and choose how to plan your future career path.

Can a poor boy become a professional cricketer?

Having low finances & unsure if you can become a professional cricketer? Find out in this thread which is a good engineering college in Chennai with cricket coaching for low fees & how to become a professional cricketer.

Why stump out is wicket for bowler, then why run out is not wicket to bowler?

What is the difference between stump out and run out? Confused in between why an out is perceived differently for stump outs and run outs in cricket?

Age criteria to get admission in a cricket academy

Wondering if you would be eligible to join a professional cricket academy at age 20? Learn from experts if there is any age criteria as such for entry into a cricket academy for formal training in the sport.

Query about making a career in cricket?

Aspiring to make a career in cricket? Confused whether to take a normal job of opt for a career on cricket? Clarify your confusion on this Ask Expert page.

Can cricket be a career

Wondering if it is worth making cricket your career? On this page, check out advice from experts.

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