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Searching for a healthy breakfast recipe for kids? Need to know the ingredients required to make a baked dish? The cooking expertise of many people is available for free in this section. Ask queries related to quick meal recipes, menus for entertaining guests, suggestions for snacks for diabetics, best microwave recipes, general cooking tips, etc. Share your own tried & tested recipes and advice too and earn revenue.

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Questions & Answers

How to cook green vegetables?

Interested in cooking green vegetables? Searching for details of cooking? Find suggestions from experts in response to your queries.

What is the alernative to using tamarind in cooking?

Have a problem using tamarind in food? Wondering about a suitable replacement for tamarind? check out responses from experts on this page.

Sweet recipes with poha

Interested in some sweet recipes? Searching for any recipe for making sweet delicacy with poha? On this Ask Expert page you can get answers to all your query.

How to know that an egg is fully boiled?

Puzzled about what is the maximum time required for an egg to be fully boiled? Get expert advice and tips to understand how to know when an egg is fully boiled.

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