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Obtain in-depth knowledge about general ailments like recurring cough and common cold. Discover the possible causes of anaemia, recurring dizzy spells, sudden drop in blood pressure, etc. Dispel myths about slimming pills, hair fall, height spurts, etc. Ask queries related to general diagnostic tests for free. Find out about reputed specialists to consult in your city or town, understand why a particular treatment needs to be done for a certain type of illness, etc. Feel free to even ask your question anonymously and even answer a medical query with full anonymity.

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Questions & Answers

Confused about my career

Interested in working in an MNC but having to give an arrear subject? confused how to plan the future?> No worries, on this ask expert page you can read the responses from experts.

Will I fall sick with wet shoes?

Many of the people have this common doubt as to whether one would fall sick with wet shoes, particularly in rainy season. Go though this page to know about it from our experts.

Incorrect Nationality entry in NEET

Having a problem while filling NEET application? Searching for information about what documentation to prepare for grievance? Here, on this Ask Expert page you can find responses to your query.

How is internal bleeding treated?

Puzzled about how a bleeding which occurs in the body internally gets detected and treated? Know how doctors deal with internal bleeding problems from this Ask Expert page.

What create sound inside stomach sometimes ?

Do you ever given a thought for the biological reaction take place within intestines in our stomach by giving a sound before we eat or after it? Check here to know from our experts as to whether any connectivity between the brain and these organs.

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