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Questions & Answers

Name issue for government jobs

Will difference in name as reflected in various school and degree certificates cause an issue in job prospects? check this page to know what could be the issues arise out and how to solve it from our ISC experts.

Applying for another Government job

Are you confused about how to apply for a government job? Searching for detailed information about the terms and conditions specified in the application? Our Experts shall provide you with advice about how to apply.

Spelling mistake in father's name

Will a minor mistake in caste and Marks-sheets while reflecting father's name affect in the process of verification at various stages? A usual doubt clarified many a time in this forum, yet makes confused to a new member. Let it be, check this page to know once again from our Experts.

Can I give me relieving letter instead of NOC?

Wondering whether relieving letter can be accepted in a government job instead of NOC? Searching for information about the recruitment norms? On this page, go through the answers by experts for your questions.

Incorrect name in 10th and 12th marksheet

Facing a problem with name wrongly printed in few marksheets? Worried if this issue will create a problem in document verification? On this Ask Expert page, find advice from experts for your queries.

Deed for indemnity bond in railway

Have a query about the indemnity bond in railway job? Looking out for understanding the terms and conditions in the bond? Find suggestions from experts here.

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