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Questions & Answers

How to get Form 16A from a bank?

Unable to get Form 16A from your bank branch? Quickly learn from experts the process to get Form 16A online or offline from your bank.

Easy way to find job and get more money in banking sector

Planning to take up a banking job? confused between choosing private or nationalised bank? On this Ask Expert page read the advice and guidance given by experts for resolving your concerns.

Draft for complaint in Banking Ombudsman

Worried of extra charges and debit for non-drawl of amount from ATM? Please check this page to know fromour experts as to how to register a complaint to the concerned authorities.

Linkage of aadhaar number with bank account

Have a query about linking aadhar card with bank? Wondering how to do it online and whether it will be successful? No worries, check out this page and resolve your concerns.

I want to open an account in foreign country

Do you wish to open a bank account in a foreign country? Let a financial expert guide you on what are the laws in India governing opening of a foreign account by an Indian national and what is the procedure for an Indian national to open a foreign bank account.

What is a dormant account?

Puzzled about what is a dormant account? Find out how to reactivate a dormant account, dormant a/c activation charges and so on.

Recurring deposit with icici bank

Are you looking for authentic user reviews of ICICI banks iWish flexible recurring deposit? Learn more about the pros and cons of ICICI banks iWish flexible recurring deposit here.

What is inflation and its impact?

Looking for information about inflation, how it is calculated and how to control it? You will get very good understanding of the concept of inflation, how it impacts the people and the nation's economy, etc.

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