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    An interesting conversation between two school friends.

    Here I am presenting a conversation between two close school friends. Let's see how they present their views and make it like strong debate-

    Pinku: Hey, do not do such kind of dirty works at least for the sake of the God who have given you this beautiful life to live.
    Rahul: You don't talk about baseless thing like God. Have you ever seen Him or have you ever met him? Living in the age of science how can all you guys believe in such thing which has no scientific proof?
    Pinku: My friend you are really a very scientific person! You just answer me of a question that will certainly prove your true belief in science.
    Rahul: Ask any questions, I am ready.
    Pinku: Ok. Do you believe the presence of air on this earth?
    Pinku: Yes, why not, air is everywhere on this earth. Without air how we can live!
    Rahul: Then you must have seen air as you told earlier that without being seen or having no proof you never believe in anything. Just show me the proof that air is on earth.

    Now Rahul becomes perplexed and finds no proper answer, he replies thus-
    Rahul: Oh yeah, really I have nothing to show you and even I have not seen air but still I believe in its existence.
    Pinku: Now you have come to the point. Remember belief has tremendous power and one should not ignore it by simply saying that it has no scientific base. Like air, God is also within us though we have not seen him.
    Rahul: It's ok. Thanks for clearing my doubts and I have been defeated.

    Dear members, have you enjoyed the debate on existence of air and God or the debate on science and belief?. Please post your views.
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    Yes I enjoyed the discussion very much. Because both of the them are seriously discussed about the important thing in the world which has very big doubts whether the God is existing or not with the similar thing the air which is the only thing in the world proved scientifically. No one oppose that the presence of air in the world without which no one is there in the world. In fact the living beings including the plants also depend on the air for their survival. At the same time there is much doubts in the existence of the God which is not scientifically proved. This is good discussion to prove the air is present but it can be seen which is not opposed by anyone. Similarly God is everywhere around the world but there is no scientific proof for that which is to be believed.

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    You have posted a very good thread. It is very interesting and also knowledge giving. It will clear the doubts of some people who do not believe in god's existence because they can not see the god. Now after reading this thread one can give an example as in your thread pinku gave to rahul about the existence of god. I have also never thought of this simple thing that I can give an example if I find someone not believing in god because he can not see him. Thank you for posting this thread and giving such a beautiful example.

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    Hi, conversation between Pinku and Rahul through your thread depicts one thing and that is no one can prove the existance of god with full proof either he had belief or not.

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    You have explained about the presence of God in this world through a simple dialogue between two good friends. Some time we can feel the air and also we can see the air, but we can never see God. Fire,water, air, land and sky are the creation of God. God is present in all these five called Five greatest natural powers in the universe. It is great science to study and understand about God who is omnipresent and omnipotent.

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    It is very nice conversation between to friends. Topic of conversation is also interesting.I beleive in God because i believe in Birth and Death.

    Science believe that "GOD" is some Advance world living far light years away from us. In their world they are advance to travel in time. Time by time they visit here and treat the peoples for new world and challenges.

    Every once in a while, declare peace. It confuses the hell out of your enemies.

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    Hi, thanks to all for your lovely responses.

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    A nice pleasant conversation style of friends about God and Science. Both are having its own value in the world. Some enjoy their life only with the belief and doing things about God. On the contrary, science is fully occupied on some body's life. If you take the example of our great Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, he is leading a scientific life with belief of God.


    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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