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    Does media plays effective role in Indian democracy

    Well i think my opinion is bit like may be or may not be.In India the media is playing spoil sport for democracy. All the media barons are associated with one or the other party and are part of the elections. The coverage by the media is totally biased and one sided.
    The print media as well as the electronic media plays havoc with the public, instead of bringing the issues of mass importance to the center stage they always try to focus on trivial issues. According to me media is supposed play a great role but what most of the media is doing is neither satisfactory nor worthy,they simply fall behind film stars and cricket as they think that these are the areas the community wants,but they are wrong.Media should give what the society need not what people want, that's why they are here and they should do it. Whereas on the other side they are really helping out with some sting operations, information to infotainment where 24X7 it is helping out with some great political news matters.Well i am really very confused.
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    Welcome to the ISC family, just would like to suggest you that try to type your matter first in the 'word document' and then copy it to the forum post so that you will have minimum mistakes.

    Now come to your point, as you said your opinion may be or may not be is true. Each media has connected with some party but this is also true that because of the media and their sting operations many scams has open up which we might not have even known had the media could not have brought it up.
    But at the same time we cannot trust about their every news.

    Secondly about both print and TV media is that they all have become commercials and doing their job for money. In this media world a sad story become suspense story and death story become funny sometime.

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    The role of media in our country has not been upto the mark. There are so many news channels these days who not even have relevant matter to run their 24/7 channels. This give rise to useless and least productive materials beings delivered to us for the sake of just running their business. There ain't any difference between few national channels and local channels.
    If we talk about print media, it still has a better edge in this area. The reputed newspapers and magazines still work hard to deliver us resourceful materials.


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    Yes. They play effective role in Indian democracy only in identifying the mistakes done by the political leaders and scams. After few weeks, the flash news becomes the oldest news with out finding any solution to the problem. Some media people are more concentrating on profits then to improve the state of the country. They find many ways to sale their issue and how to become No 1 in media industry. Very few media are concentrating and giving suggestions to improve the economical,social and other status of the country.

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    Yes the media plays huge role in the democracy of our country. They published all the news regarding the politics of the different political party. There are many parties in our country which releases various information of their own party or the ruling or the opponent party. In fact the media forms the major source of information regarding the political parties compared to the newspapers. The media can change the status of our country, change the ruling party or rise the power of the new party. So the media in our country forms the major communication of the Indian democracy.

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    According to me media plays an important role in Indian democracy. It enhances our democracy in various ways like it provides a direct contact between government and its citizens so as to understand current ongoing issues and problems within the country and providing good steps to minimise those problems. With the media, we got to know several political news like corruption, price hike and involvement of many ministers in various scams and scandals. This enables us to twice think about those culprits and to provide them our valuable votes. So, a smooth functioning of media is a key factor for a democratic nation and should be considered an essential feature of democracy to raise our views, beliefs and thoughts.

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    I think media plays an important role in democracy.Media plays a crucial role in shaping a healthy democracy. It is the backbone of a democracy. Media makes us aware of various social, political and economical activities happening around the world. It is like a mirror, which shows us or strives to show us the bare truth and harsh realities of life.The media has undoubtedly evolved and become more active over the years. It is the media only who reminds politicians about their unfulfilled promises at the time of elections. T.V news channels' excessive coverage during elections helps people, especially illiterates, in electing the right person to the power. This reminder compels politicians to be up to their promises in order to remain in power.Television and radio have made a significant achievement in educating rural illiterate masses in making them aware of all the events in their language.

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    The media did not exist when modern democracy was invented, and it is not the media's responsibility to play a role in democracy, or any other form of government.

    The media is not a non-profit organisation - it consists of capitalists looking to make business, and it will always be biased. Even government news agencies for example, will have a pro-government slant.

    The media doesn't serve to support or dismantle democracy [in so much as they are guaranteed free speech], they serve to support themselves.

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