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    HERNIA CURE: The 'SUN's Remedy'

    I read the contribution by SUN to the discussion on curing inguinal hernia. I have been searching for a non-surgical cure for inguinal hernia for a couple of years now. I have taken quite a few concoctions as well as three bottles of HernEase without much relief. The inguinal hernia is to my left abdomen descending into the scrotal sac. Of all that I've read on the net, SUN was the only one who mentioned the banana stem. I'm much willing to try this if SUN will be kind enough to clarify how to prepare it. He had said the white interior of the banana stem should be made into a curry. I need clarification on this. I'm equally interested in learning what homeopathic remedies may be appropriate as I intend calling at a homeopathic clinic nearby.
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    Dear Chigo,
    First of all, a warm welcome to this educational platform. Thank you very much for joining our educational portal. I too have sent a request to Mr. Sun regarding your query. Hope he will get back to you very soon through this forum message.

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    Members, especially Mr. Chigo.
    I must thank Mr. Chigo for reading the question and answer from Ask expert section that helped him to seek the information in detail and raising a very good thread in forum section. I am proud to be recognised through Hernia by Banana stem.

    Probably, following is the post that Chigo looked and referred. It was my second day response on 25th Mar 2011 after I had joined ISC on 24th March 2011.

    A lady (Harsha)posted:
    "My baby boy is 3.5 months old and his lower portion is bit lager then normal, after consulting doctor we were told it could be hernia which will be confimed only when he will be 1 year old and if it is hernia operation is the only solution.Kindly suggest if homeopathy has any cure and when can it be started?"

    My(Sun) response was:
    Dear sister Harsha, Though I am not a Doctor , I can narrate my experience with Hernia . When I was 30, I suffered from Hernia. The Doctors after examination diagnosed the problem as internal hernia and suggested immediate operation. Fortunately or unfortunately his operation theater was under repairs. My family elders suggested me to take Banana tree stems(the whitest part inside the stem) made as curry and taken along with meals and also to take it in the form of juice extracted from it. I had it for a week and I have no hernia problem till todate. I am quite Healthy, Hale and Hearty. The Banana stem has high fibre content and dissolves the materials caused to form Hernia . Since your child is just 3 months old the problem may be different and simple medicines may be available I am posting this for information on the subject "Hernia" for the viewers "

    To extract juice: Cut the banana tree stem(only the whitest internal stem)of 6 inch length into small pieces. Put it inside a Mixie. Add very little water. Grind it. Filter the juice. Add very little salt to taste as the original taste is sour. Drink it. I suggest to have this juice for at least one week.

    To make Banana Stem fry: It has a peculiar technique of cutting the stem. Firstly, try to cut the stem into small round pieces of 5mm thickness. While cutting it, we will find plenty of the stem threads(like the white sewing theads). They are to be pulled out from both the side of the cut pieces and thrown away. Then cut the round pieces into very small tiny pieces of 5mm x 5mm x 5mm size. Just wash them with fresh water. Have your frying oven ready. Pour little cooking oil. When heated up add little mustard(1/4 spoon),urd dal(1/4 spoon), onion pieces (One standard onion) and fry it.(We call it as thadka) Then pour the Banana stem pieces and fry it. While frying add Jeera(1/4 spoon) Garlic 10 pieces,Mirchi and salt as required for taste. You can also add little coconut paste to taste. When satisfied, switch off the burner and have the dish ready for serving.
    To make Banana Stem curry: Have boiled dal ready and mix it with the above fry with all essential incredients.

    If the members can include this Banana stem fry or Banana stem curry in their daily meal, at least once in a week, we can get away with Hernia problems.

    To have the real effect of the dishes, we should avoid adding ingredients. Just a little taste without much ingredients will give the magical medicinal effect.

    Members, I am not a good cook. I have explained in the cooking terms as per my knowledge and understanding. I took the assistance of my wife who is an expert. Members who have experience in cooking such Banana stem, may please give their view or suggestion or alteration to my preparation.

    I hope Mr. Chigo is convinced with the preparation of banana stem to get away from Hernia. Members can discuss here if they desire.

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    Can we eat the internal white stem of banana stem raw for right side hernia problems

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    Your should consider posting this as an Article. And if you are aware of more such home remedies they will individually form a great work.

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    Dear Editor Ankit Sinha,
    My original post was a response to a member's question in ask expert section and came up for discussion in this forum after many months. Mr. Shyam has pulled up the thread and posted a query. Since it is a very valuable question, I feel it as my duty to respond him and for the benefit of other members. If you desire to lock it, please lock it.

    @ Mr.Shyam,
    You should use only the inner white part of banana tree stem. It is better to extract the juice of it and consume it for three to five days, to get Hernia cured. Please try this. Wish you success.

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    I thank you very much for having replied to my query and request you to also inform as to can we take the stem juice 2-3 times a day and for a longer period

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    Sun, Ankit has given good advice. Your responding to this thread is correct, but what he suggested is even better. This thread will just vanish to the back pages at some time or the other. An article, on the other hand, will remain permanent and will benefit many readers in the future too.
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    Madam Vandana and LE Ankit Sinha,
    Thank you very much for your excellent suggestion. I Shall start writing a good article on this subject soon.

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    Dear Chigo
    Sun has given a good advice regarding Banana stem usage for the treatment of Hernia. Hernia occurs because of weakening of the support (mostly of the abdomen) which keep the intestine in place. This weakened support leads to appearance of organs (most commonly intestines) and such a problem is termed as Hernia.

    For any Homeopathic medicinal treatment, I will suggest you to go through a complete case taking. If you wish I can help you by Homeopathy. Just send me a PM and I will let you know the further details.

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