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    Field selection after 10th

    Students are so curies and worry about their carrier. They confused every time what to do? Which filed will be very successful. There are a lot of field available for the students after 10th, as like medical, non medical, arts, commerce, NDA (National Defense Academy), LIC Agent and diploma.
    Which field is most suitable for a successful life?
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    After class X all the options are opened for a student. It is totally depend on the student to decide which stream he likes to choose. Also ever thing depends on the talent and financial status of the family.
    If you like to continue your studies by aiming medical or engineering then you have to join in science stream in intermediate level. You have to concentrate on the preparation of IIT and Medical with intermediate course. Similarly if you have planned for CA then you have to join in commerce stream.
    If a student wants to get a job very soon then he have to move towards polytechnic side. Within three to four yours he can able to settle after completing his diploma and can able to continue his studies further.
    Now there are many branches are there for making career so don't worry just confirm your aim and take steps towards your goal.

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    Hi friend,

    It totally depends upon the interest f the person in that subject. We cannot force a student who is interested in science to take arts. And also we should not force a student interested in arts to science. Its a person's self interest. No one should interfere in it. All fields are bright fields. Each and every field has a good scope. We have to choose a field, we have to develop our knowledge in that field and we have to work hard in that field. We should develop our knowledge in that filed. If we do so, success will be waiting to hug us with love.

    So, students after 10th, should not confuse their mind to choose the field. Students should not think that only engineering and medical groups have value etc. Each and every study is valuable. So, choose the subject of your interest. It will give you a lot of self confidence, satisfaction and courage.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Hi friend,

    I think so, it is totally depend upon student. Student should chose those field, in which he has some interest instead of seeing scope of that field, because we make our scope by our hardworking. If you are very hardworking, then you can get job easily.

    If you have interest in any work, then that work will be like you hobby or interesting activity not like a work. So we should consider our interest.

    Parents usually force children to chose field, which they like. They dont think about there children choice. SO they should change their mind.


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    After 10th there are many fields waiting for the students. the main choice should depend on one's area of interest. it can be engineering, medical, arts, commerce, accounts, sports, tourism, management. while a 16-17 year student may not be able to refine exactly what is his/her area of interest, but at least he/she along with his/her parents and teachers can work out the area of interest.
    because if the subject choose is based on area of interest then working on it will be like play otherwise it will be a burden.

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    Selecting the field after 10th standard is an important thing at first because at that age he/she can't do what is decided as he/she is major yet. Trying the innovative things like diplamo and other courses would be better if they are about to decied not to higher secondary. There must be parental advice on whatever the decision is.

    Stephen Raj.

    Stephen Raj.

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    Hi Amit
    After completing the highschool there are lots of area in education where a student can show his talent and skills. But choice of field is totaly depends on the students field of interest. Any field of arts, science and commerce in which student has interest to doing it is good for him. I suggest you to read How choose best career article for more details.

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    This is a very crucial time in everyone's life when a single decision would decide the course of direction his/her future is going to take. Usually we would say decide on the basis of your field of interest as to which field you should take, but there is a problem in that too. Till now every student was studying all the subjects with equal dedication and interest as every subject was important for good marks; so now deciding which subject he likes the most becomes difficult. He himself would not be able to know which is his favorite subject. So he looks for the proper guidance from his parents and friends. Parents takes decision based on which field is the best earning field in future and they usually supports science or commerce field. Many a times our decision is influenced by peer pressure, 'my friend is joining non-medical stream so I will also go with that' is the basic idea. I suggest you decide on the basis of in which subject you got maximum marks in tenth standard and take that stream. You can earn good in any field if your are the best in it. So which ever field you choose just go with it with your best potential and achieve big.

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    Study with your passion. first of all student think and feel what can he do? about his subject interest,future benefit,demand in market,achieve his goal,he deserve and always ready to know for subject. after x science and commerce is the best line for study and make bright future. in commerce if student have an interest in account than study for MBA,CA,CS and his interest.
    in science field like research or doing some practical work than must choose research line. interested in human life and social service and capable for study than join medical. all things are depend on students interest

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