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    What would you do if you were to be Prime Minister of India?

    Have you seen the movie Nayak in which Anil Kapoor plays the role of Chief Minister for one day. Think if you were given the role of a Prime Minister of your country for a full term of 5 years, what will you do. When so many prime minsters over a period of 65 years could not achieve, can you prepare a manifesto by which you please at least 80% of the population and eradicate the social, economic disparity among masses. Any takers ?
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    Dear friend,

    Really you have raised a very good topic. If I was a prime minister for the term of five years, I have lots and lots of aim to be done. I will state them below:

    1. Education to all students. Moreover, the infrastructure of all government schools will be reformed and all schools will be provided with fans, lights, sanitary toilets and computers. A separate person will be appointed in each school to regulate the things I have said above. Those persons will be controlled by a person who will be appointed as the head of the district.

    2. No farm land should be turned into buildings. Farmers can fix their own rates for their product but the rates should be afforded by all class of people.

    3. Loan to students and farmers without tax and interest.

    4. Instant justice to persons who are conformed as criminals.

    5. Child employment should be uprooted. If any industry or hotels or anything deploy child labors, immediately they will be sealed and the respective persons will be arrested.

    6. If any government officials ask bribe for their work, the public can contact the prime minister. My official contact number will be issued to the public.

    And it goes endless. I don't have time to say. Soon, I will write an article regarding this and then I will give you the link of it.

    Thanks for reading.

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    If I am the prime minister of India. I will do a lot of things. I will try to make good India. I will make a good policy for our citizen that they may feel happy and prosperous. There will a justice for everyone. There will be none who will leave with wounded heart. I will do all the possible thing that are necessary for the progress of our country.

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    If I would be the PM of India, i would do many things:
    1) Try to vanish the poverty by launching many schemes for the people coming under the category of BPL.
    2) I would give chance to the talented people in their respective fields by providing better facilities for the.
    3) I would try to control the population of India.
    4) I would support many educational institutions financially so as to provide a better education to the students of India.
    5) I would try to make many amendments in the strictness of the rules and regulations of our country.
    6) I would try to reduce the corruption to null by making the laws strict.

    These are just the ideas as being the PM is not an easy task.

    "For winners never quit, For quitters never win!"
    With regards
    Syed Musaddiq Andrabi
    Love ISC

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    I don't think the prime minister can do all these work because if prime minister can do any of the listed work what is he waiting for? He should feed India first it is the prime work . We know many children from different parts of the world still suffering from food scarecity ,children and aged peoples in different part of India still die due to scarcity of food. The prime action of the government should be to provide at least two times food for every Indian . Education should be given the second preference because education is useful only he the life exist. Education to every child take birth in Indian land may be the second work. There are still lots of childrens who cant go to school due to various reasons . Another importent thing is the shelter for the peoples wantering in the streets we victimde for many peoples died in our capital state in the extreme winter weather. After that for a sustainable ruling the corruption should be abolished from the society. This is my view of idea.

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