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    Should there be minimum education qualification for politicians to contest election or not?

    In india there is no minimum educational qualification to contest election. Illiterate & low educated people reaching in assembly & parlliament. It is very bad for us that which politician are elected are not well educated. Future of country are in the hand of improper people. More than 40 percent mla's & mp's are corrupted, crimal charge against them & some are having the charge of rape & murder. According to me there should be a minimum educational qualification to contest election & correpted people must banned to contest election. What do you think Guys.
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    I think qualification should be such that if any one is the education minister then he or she should be master qualified and if someone is the finance minister then he or she should be qualified in the field of finance. Means qualification should be field related.
    Amit Goyal

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    Of course there should be a minimum qualification for filing the nomination of any election. Though, we all may think that this is not such a big an issue as politicians on the basis of their money and power could get a false educational certificate but at least they would be reading out their own oath paper without any assistance which would also mean a lot. I guess, the basic qualification should be Bachelor's degree holder but at present even intermediate would be fine. But who is going to bring this rule? Politicians? But why would they do anything to taboo their own community? May be this rule can be applied with age specification, like all contestants below the age of 30 years as on 2012 need to be at least graduate; this way I guess all the politicians would be happy and would not mind making it a new rule for the government.

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    I think setting minimum education qualification as a requirement for politicians would do no good. Corrupt politicians would produce a fake degree certificate and meet that requirement!
    What is required is a thorough background investigation of their education, work history, personal life (Digging into things like questioning their neighbors/relatives/friends etc),their loyalty to the Government such as paying income taxes promptly. The politicians should answer the questions that people come up with regarding anything and everything about them! Politicians are public figures ! They cannot escape the questions saying that their education/work/tax/income details are their personal matters.

    Now, who should do all these ? The press has the freedom,courage and capability to do this. But it should grow tough regarding these matters and publish everything promptly to the public.

    If a politican passes the background investigation check on most if not all the above points, he/she would be definitely a capable and most likely an educated politican!

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    Dear friend,
    I agree with your argument. But this issue is not now. It continues for many years. Our past Governments were unable to implement this rule of minimum education. I think there are two point for not being implemented. The first one is The literary rate is very low in the past. The second one is there are many illiterates in the past going Governments.
    Now the literacy rate increases. The youth are coming in to the politics. So we do expect the literates are to be filled in coming politics.

    "Education is the movement from darkness to light"


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    I am totally agree with your point. It is very much important in now a days situation. For all candidates basic criteria should be there. Along with basic criteria, for specific role person should have one more criteria of higher education too. The fields like Education, Finance, etc needed to handover to people who have specialisation in same fields and good experience in same field too.Once such policy or rule comes to implement it will be easy to tackle problems, solve them and understand peoples view for MLA's and with this India will make fast progress in Development.

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    Not necessary at all! Earlier CM's of many states especially our Kamaraj,M.G.Ramachandran were not Graduates but ruled much efficiently. Moreover we cannot tolerate if the educated do illegal actions or poor ruling by prescribing the minimum educational qualification for contesting. A good and real intention should be there in them. Mere qualification cannot inherit the patriotism in them as there is no history in the subjects of present educational system.

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