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    Degradation of political standard in India

    Each one of this parties has their own political goals, A party says it is secularism, some other proclaim that as communism, some even claim to struggle for social, economical rights for people of their communities, but all of them end up with generous priority to their own selfish motives first and making complete dissatisfaction of Indian democracy. In future India should get its focused constructive politics. Indian politicians now a days playing their blame games against the politicians from opposition parties. They fail to realize their responsibilities as politician and thinking about the people's trust on them. In future politicians must stop play with people's patience, and they must realize their work to take India towards development and economic prowess.

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    Politics has become a synonym for power. It was not a tough game earlier because we had only two or three political parties. People started forming new parties and then breaking into factions just to ensure that they get to play a role in the arena of power. That is the time when the standard of politics and the politicians started degrading. Development of the Nation and welfare of the people always stood lower in their list of priorities. They were ready to play any dirty game to ensure that power was in their hands, either actively or passively.

    It is high time that, we as the public gave this menace a serious thought. Firstly, we should make it a point to exercise our right to vote. Better voting percentage will definitely make the chances of electing a better candidate. Secondly, let us forget our political affiliations in the interest of the Country and vote for the best candidate fielded. This will send a message to the parties that they are no longer going to get votes based on symbols alone. Thirdly, let us make it clear to the politicians that the actual power lies with us and that their existence depends on our will and support. We can start off with these immediate steps and wait for the changes.

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    In India all-most all political parties wants to get into power, hence they always tries to win the faith of the public by announcing and undertaking some welfare programs. Politics have become corrupt and leaders lacks the efficiency of working for the development of the nation. Starting from the Independence till our nation have been experiencing the same problems. Political leaders and parties alwyas makes the same promises during election campaigns but after getting into power they neglects the same and fulfills their evil needs. Public should be granted the power of recall so that they can recall the elected leader on failing to perform the duties.
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    Before Independence, politics were used for the goodness of the people and the society. Now, politics are used for individual person benefits in the party. People has a knowledge to know how the politics are done and how it will be in future. So, they changed themselves that they take care of their work instead of concentrating on what is going on in the politics. Politicians are interested to earn more money to save the family as well as their party. The power of individual is not used for the goodness of the people. Our country is travelling on a path that leads to major problems in future.

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    These political goons are dividing us in the name of religion and filling their Swiss Bank accounts. Until and unless all Indians come on one platform, this exploitation is not going to end.

    Our politicians try to in cash every opportunity and use criminals at times to meet their greed for power. The only time all the political parties unite is on the topic of a Lokpal or something relating to their salaries and perks. Otherwise they follow "Desh jaaye Bhaad mein, apna pehle dekh lenge".

    I am very much agreed with Mr Saji Ganesh. There must be only two political parties, one ruling and the other in opposition. The tragedy here is every Tom, Dickens, Hary making his own party and by luck he wins, then he will look for a party for alliance and demands suit cases. Even the murderers are contesting from the prison, winning and getting clean chit.

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    Dear friend,
    Degradation political standards in India. I request you one thing. Have you ready to say any standard in our political system as you said degradation in political standards. If there is no standards in our politics, how the standards be degraded.

    Our politics are completely polluted by dramas of our politicians. There is no space to mend our politics. Now youth blood with innovative thoughts would necessary for our politics. My worry is whether I could see ideal politics in the rest of my life.

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    Srinivasan I can appreciate your frustration regarding degradation of political standards in India. The reason are many for this. First of all we the voters are electing the old rotten leaders of the same party again and again. While in other fields there is a time for retirement, but in politics there is no time frame for retirement. So we have the habit of electing the same old fat politicians who has been looting the public money over the years in the name of corruption. Secondly the Election Commission is not strict enough to assert that criminals and trouble makers should not enter the politics. But we have many of them in the Assembly and Parliament. So standard of politics has drastically came down.
    K Mohan
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    There should be an age limit for politics and at the same time there must be a minimum qualification to enter in to politics. Earlier many of the illiterate politicians dedicated their life for service but, nowadays most of the politicians are in civil or criminal cases. There should be certain guideline and age limit for politics

    N. Srinivasan

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    If age limit is prescribed, then old politicians revolt against their party high commands. In fact politics is the only place where people can still earn in their ripe age.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Politics and politicians are also from the society. It will have all the good and bad qualities of the society of such times.

    We cannot isolate politicians alone for the deterioration of standards. Society as a whole does not give much credit to values and standards.

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