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    Should we carry original or xerox copy of vehicle documents ?

    We all know that it is very essential to carry the documents of our vehicle while driving the vehicle. The vehicle's Registration Certificate, Insurance Certificate, Pollution Certificate and driving licence are the important documents to be carried.

    Now the question is: Should we carry the original copies of the above documents or the xerox copies of these documents? Whenever a check is carried out by the RTO or traffic police, they demand the above documents for verification. If we show them the original documents, they retain it and act differently. If we hand them over our original documents, it will be very difficult to get them back unless we bribe them. They will accuse and quote some or other reason and justify it for the retention of documents.

    To avoid the above, we should carry our xerox copies of these documents, and if the original is demanded, it should be produced within a time frame. Is it correct? Should we carry our original documents or xerox copies of the documents? Please discuss what is the correct procedure to be followed.
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    I think one should always carry photocopies instead of original of any important documents especially vehicle documents and drivers license. Other than trouble with the cops, we may end up losing our documents by general negligence as well and we all know how big a hassle it is to get the originals replaced. So I feel it is advisable to keep all originals, except your ID card and ATM cards, in the safety of your locker at home.
    Actually for drivers license it is essential to carry original as far as I think, I don't know about other documents though. There are many places where you can get a photocopy of your drivers license made that looks just like the real one (like plastic smart card) but again I don't know if this is legal.


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    Farheen Khan,
    Thanks for your first and fast prompt response. I too agree that the photocopies vehicle documents to be carried to avoid any loss through theft or accident. The driving license is a question. The policemen insist on original driving licence as anything can be made to look like original.

    I expect more experienced members to post their views on this subject of carrying driving license, to see the majority views.

    No life without Sun ¤

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    The best way to escape from the Traffic Police harassment is to have the color xerox of original driving documents , we can have them laminated so that it looks like original and we can have peaceful travel every time.
    K Mohan
    Work in silence let the success makes its noise

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    I do not want to know the ideas and escape routes. I what to know what is right and genuine. What does the rule specify?

    I know the best escape route is to have some ready cash to grease their palms.

    No life without Sun ¤

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    Sun my idea is not wrong and in fact you must welcome it. Color xerox is seen as original and police would feel happy to see the originals. Take the answer in positive way. I know you are rich to dispense with cash to relieve yourself from police clutch.
    K Mohan
    Work in silence let the success makes its noise

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    Mr. Mohan i agree with you. it is better to carry color xerox of the laminated original driving document and insurance document to face the traffic police.

    N. Srinivasan

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    Thanks Srinivasan for understanding my view point at least.
    K Mohan
    Work in silence let the success makes its noise

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    I never questioned about the black and white xerox copies. There is a vast difference between the Original and Xerox copy in colour. The Logo will clearly bring out the difference. If the police want, they can check and question the coloured xerox too.

    My question is: What is right? Can the police question and charge us for not having the original licence? Please answer me.

    No life without Sun ¤

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    In Hyderabad we are not carrying the originals and actually xerox suffices but to be on safer side I carry color xerox which is widely accepted without murmuring.
    K Mohan
    Work in silence let the success makes its noise

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