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    Simple past tense – make sentences with action words

    In the earlier threads, we dealt with Simple Present Tense by making sentences with action words and using the verb be {is, am, are} as a state of being verb. Presently, we shall deal with the Simple Past Tense by making sentences using action words in them. Simple Past Tense simply donates a one time past action. We may add adverbs of time to be more specific to show the time of action. We should use 'did' (the past tense of do) to make negative and interrogative sentences by using the main verb in the simple form. Some examples of sentences using the action words in the Simple Past Tense are given below:

    The gardener watered the plants.
    I made a thread for posting in Forums Section of ISC.
    He did not participate in the quiz contest.
    Did you send an email to your friend yesterday?
    We won the second test match against Australia at Hyderabad.

    Members are requested to make minimum five sentences each to practice this grammar lesson.
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    Dear friend,
    1) I finished my dinner at 8.30 pm today.
    2) I did not take fruits yesterday.
    3) We went to nearest town in the morning.
    4) My wife brought fruits from market.
    5) You did a good job for members.
    6) She stopped TV to go for bed.
    7) They gave me encouragement in an issue.
    8) He did not do well today.
    9) It survived me a lot for time pass.

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    Thanks Trinadha Rao Sambangi for making all correct sentences in your response. I wish that some more members should make sentences of similar type so that I can proceed to make a thread for our next lesson on use of Simple Past Tense by making sentences without action words in them.
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    Here is my approach to simple past tense:

    I went for shopping yesterday.
    I did my homework before going out to play.
    Did you reach school on time?
    I wrote a long letter to my best friend.
    She ate all the apples.
    We played till it was dark outside.
    My mom taught me how to make ice-cream.


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    I wrote an exam yesterday.
    I booked a ticket online.
    He punished his son for misbehavior.
    I didn't reach there in time.
    He didn't eat properly last night.

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