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    Kindness in Kerala, 41 year old Catholic priest donated his kidney to a young muslim man

    A very heart touching story I read on a website about a 41 year old catholic priest from kotayyam, Kerala named Father Sebastian who donated his kidney to a young Muslim man named Rasad. They both were strangers who met in a bus journey going towards Kochi, and believed that god brought them together. Father Sebastian came to learn about Rasad's kidney disease and as he had same blood group he offered his kidney to him for transplant. This story really creates a impression of humanity and kindness which is always above from any religion.

    I want members to discuss on this thread on humanity backgrounds.
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    Wow what a noble gesture. Because of these people only world is still living alive and the four seasons are happening without any hindrance. My heartfelt appreciation to that priest who obliged a Muslim patient.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    @mohan sir, Yes really a heart touching story which expressed humanity and kindness. Such type of stories makes me feel like a real human.

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    This story is an example of 'Practise before you preach'. A priest preaches kindness, brotherhood and love among all human beings. That priest who donated his kidney proved that he is truely an honest person and practices all the moral activities in real life which he also preaches them among all. The priest deserves lot of respect and appreciation from people of all communities.
    With Regards
    Soumyadip Saha

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    Sounds strange that being strangers and only having met in the bus for the first time, Father Sebastian donated his kidney to Rasad. But there are such indigenous people everywhere who find their contentment in helping the mankind, no matter even if it demands their life. Such people are ready to donate whatever is required and surely in their existence, the poor and needy seldom find a supernatural kind of help.
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    These are instances which kindles the hope in us that the world is not going to end. I have no words to express my appreciation to Fr Sebastian who could realize the pain of his co-passenger and could, within no time, decide to help him out. Nothing came in between them except concern for a fellow human being. Such instances should serve to inspire us to love each other and be just human beings.
    'Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment'- Lao Tzu

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    I think that it is a very kindful deeds and an inspiration to all of us. This is a great incident to all of us. We should learn a lesson from this incident.
    Thanks & Regards
    Ekta Raikwar

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    Newspapers and other mass media in Kerala are replete with such reports for at least last one year. Many a life has been saved by organ donations by the noble hearted. People from entire village has pledged to be organ donors.
    he mass awareness was also the result of the organ donation by Sri Joseph Chittilappilly,- industrialist and the man at the helm of V-Guard Industries, who donated one of his kidneys to one of his employees.
    Now there is a concerted awareness campaign in Kerala with the active participation of Doctors, Volunteers,Exemplary icons(like Chittilappilly), people's representatives, media , community organisations, local bodies and government and of course common people.

    The newspapers bring out reports of patients needing organ donation and fund for treatment. They get immediate overwhelming response.

    The latest on in this regard,is of a camp being conducted to get matching marrow for a patient for transplant. The reports show people queuing for undergoing screening tests.

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