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    Envy or jealousy is like crab mentality

    People who want to catch crabs use a pot which has its bottom but is open on upper side. It has no cover. The crabs can go through this open part. When the pot is full it is covered with a cover and put aside.
    The noticeable thing is that the crabs can go out of the pot because it was opened but they did not do so because one crab wants to go out the other crabs catch it try to stop to go out. This process goes on till the pot is full. So no crab is able to go out of the pot and they are caught in the pot.
    The same rule applies on the people who are envious or jealous. They never progress and not allows to other to progress.
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    Dear friend,
    It is very good symbolic narration that the Crabs do not go out of the pot once they keep in the pot by nagging one another.
    Envious and jealousy are the negative characters of human beings that they do not allow the people to grow, even the best opportunities are nearer to them. So we have to develop positive qualities for our uplift as well as others. Then only we could get honor from the society else we keep at the same place with out fame and honor like useless crabs in the pot.

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    Rightly said by you. Envying others is nothing but showing anger over not able to complete with other person to his level of progress. Jealous always lead to dissatisfaction. But instead of getting pondering over others it is better to innovate something on our own and let other emulate the same. That means we must stand a part from others and they must learn from us. That is enough to leave a content life.
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    Ekta, I don't think that the crabs cling on to each other because of jealousy. They do it in a bid to save themselves. Being jealous is an individual feeling and it does not cause any harm to others unless you act in such a way so as to cause harm. It is true that a jealous person might speak or act with an intention to harm another but being jealous by itself does not cause any harm to others. I think it is quite natural to be jealous but it may prove harmful if the limit is exceeded. It would be helpful if the feeling is given a positive angle and converted into a productive energy.
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    I think so many good and inspiration responses on my threads. Many many thanks for all of you.
    Thanks & Regards
    Ekta Raikwar

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    So many thoughtful writing by forum members. It gives me great pleasure to read all the valuable posts. It gives lot of learnings as well.

    As mentioned by everyone, Jealousy most of the time causes harm to the person who is jealous about others. Rather, they must use this natural feeling and work upon it to prove themselves.

    Everyone is not good in everything. We must have to find out our strengths and work towards strengthening them. Then we will be satisfied with our work. There will be no scope for being jealous with others.


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