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Money spent on the education of girls is money well-spent

It is said that money spent on the education of girls is money well-spent. How far do you agree with this statement? You may consider, among other aspects of the problem: the careers now open to girls; the responsibilities which they will have when they grow up for the upbringing of their families; specialized work, such as nursing, hospitalization, air hostess, etc. for which educated girls are particularly well-suited; equality of sexes, etc.


#416265    Author: Trinadha Rao Sambangi    26 Apr 2013 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Dear friend,
The expenditure on girls education is believed to be well-spent. I agree with your point. I believe there will not be discriminated in promoting girls with equal to boys except gender vary.
The girls performance in all spheres of life will be like challenging the boys.
Some of the parents should feel the expenditure on girls is waste. It is not true. It enables them guarantee in their life. They have love and affection on their parents and other family members equal to boys. I request every parent should not think waste on spending girls. It is well-spent as you said.

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#416292    Author: K Mohan    26 Apr 2013 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

Truly said. Girls are most concerned about their education and they are serious enough to study the portions that are needed well ahead of boys. While boys waste the time meeting their friends, girls try to convert such meetings into group studies and thus score better marks over the boys. Even in one class the girls are equally competing with boys and scoring good ranks.

K Mohan
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#416304    Author: Dan  26 Apr 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Naresh Kumar Behera, I think money spend for education is worth independent of the gender even though the boys can't do better than girls. I urban cities the girls are doing the higher educations where the boys stucks with lower education.

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#416312    Author: Farheen Khan    26 Apr 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

I agree with M.K. Dan that money spent on education is always money well spent whether it is the education of a girl, a boy or even adults. Education is a valuable asset that lasts with your for a lifetime and therefore when money is utilized for education, it is not expenditure rather it is investment.


#416319    Author: Ekta Raikwar    26 Apr 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

If we spend money on girl education, it is very beneficial to our society. Girls can make the two family well educated, if they are qualified. She can make her child brave, honest and a good citizen, if she is well qualified.

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Ekta Raikwar

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#416360    Author: K Mohan    26 Apr 2013 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

There is always a notion that after marriage a girl is confined to the inlaws home and hence higher education is not that necessary. Probably this may reason where in some homes girls discontinue studies after the marriage.

K Mohan
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