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    Powerful women in vedic culture

    Sita is described in Ramayana as destruction power, destructing evil. We all know when she was abducted by Ravana in the forest of their stay, the power of patience as well as power of sacrficng all comforts for the sake of beloved Rama made the destruction of Ravana, evil power.

    Draupati is described in Mahabharata as power of devotion to god and it is well described in the incidents happened in the court of Duryodana and with her power of devotion saved by Krishna with an endless supply of saree.

    Savithri is described in Mathsya Purana(as well as in Mahabharatha) as power of austerity, wisdom and devotion fought against Yama to get back her husband from death and prosperity to both her father and father-in-law.

    Chandramathi is described in legend of Mahabharatha, power of faithfulness which brought her back her husband as well as child from death and also the wealth.

    Damayanthi is also described in Mahabharatha (some says it is mythological story) as power of fearlessness by which she could retrieve back her husband from exile and also the hunch back to normal.

    In vedic culture, even all the Goddess are portrayed as power and thus, Lakshmi the goddess of fortune, Sarasvati the goddess of learning, Durga the goddess of strength.

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    @Saroja, one correction, I think you have mistyped it is Draupadi not Drapuat as you have mentioned.

    Yes, In Hindu religion and myth, the most powerful human being were the women. As you have already mentioned the Goddess of wealth, knowledge and Shakti were all women. That's why during Navartri, we does pray to "Kumari Kanya" means Child female as we say they are the real goddess on earth.

    The place of women were always high as far as tradition or Hindu religion is concern and that is because of the power a woman has. We simply can't deny the fact even today, the only thing is that our views has totally changed which needed the corrections.

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    "Where woman is respected, there Goddesses will dwell" - This statement of the ancient times reveals how women were treated in vedic culture. The stories of all the great ladies Sita, savitri, Draupadi, Damayanti and even Mandodari (wife of Ravana) give us a message how to bind by the social values.
    Saroja has posted a nice topic and well scripted breifly.


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    @Jeets thanks correction carried out. @jagdshpatro & @jeets It is really feel great to add your responses related to vedic culture.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Saroja, first I agree with you that the most powerful heads of departments of Education,wealth and food- are women. Hindu mythology has women in all froms.Navaratri depicts Durga in at least nine forms from the little infant to the revengeful blood thirsty destroyer also.

    Now, a bit of a different view from your thread view.

    Let us also not forget the Manthara, who injected venom in the minds of Kaikeyi, which became the basis for Rama's 'vanvaasa' and even Ramayana would have been different otherwise.

    I do not take things on gender basis. These just reflected the different facets of human life at various periods. It may not be proper to sit in judgement now using our present barometers or other meauring units, and come to a biased conclusion.

    In the above examples itself Sita and Tramati(Chandramati) were loyal and devote to only one man-their husband.The husband(s0 in turn also were also 'Eka patni vrata'.

    But Draupati is said to have married five brothers. Even Kunti had (even as experiment) united with more than one person.

    So let us not make our own biased judgements. Let us simply accept that these are also possibilities. We may try to live the optimum good as possible.

    I am a person who believes that male and female are made by the nature for separate aims. All the nature's aim happens when they unite in body and mind. They should be supplementary and complementary to each other. Outside the nature's aims nature has given them separate abilities and individualties to be independent also. I feel humans ( at least the recent period specimen) are not able to understand this properly.

    The tradition has taught us the 'Ardhanari Sankalp'. Modern science says women have both male and female hormone with them. So then and now, women are powerful and more equal than men by nature itself.Then why we should think otherwise?

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    When we accept many mythological stories but we debate only when it comes to Draupati. Actually there are many narrations on ths but very acceptable one is that she controlled five forces
    Fire,Air,Water,Space,Earth and every epic has good imagination as well as shows reality/existence of some time of history(polyandry was acceptable in certain customs/parts/tme when female is lesser than male due to war etc).

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    It is a comprehensive list of women with power. Further the explanation is also good.

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    All such epics and puranas teach us a moral lesson as to how a woman should be. Sita, Draubadi, Chandramathi, Savithri, Damayanthi were the faithful ladies (Patni) to their husbands. These ladies are the examples to be understood and followed by our modern ladies. But we are deviating from our culture to adapt Live-in-relationship culture to test and marry a women to be Patni to many a husbands. Thus we are trying to convert the powerful women into powerless women by the prowess men.
    No life without Sun

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    @ Saroja madam, Your thread is more of a consolidated part of different scriptures of Hinduism. I have read most of the ones but you have forgot to mention the "Garud Puran" which is recited at the time of demise of someone. But this is the scripture which is reasoning to many things and also has the description of the immense women power.
    I would consider your thread to be full of knowledge but it will not provoke the common people to respect females. We the people of India are worshipers of Goddesses, only in the vicinity of the temple but outside the premises then other form of the same is degraded to the fullest.
    It is my humble request to add some provocative conclusions to help in bring some change in the society.
    Friends: don't get obsessed by my comment. I am just trying to correlate the rich vedic culture to the present and trying to make people change their perception about females. Read my TOW entry for a different learning and understanding

    Nadeem Naqvi

    World without God is Zero without One!

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    I feel glad (or even expected) that it should come from the other gender and now I really got it and that itself is a proof that women are powerful and society should change its mind set.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    @Nadeem, "WOW", normally I don't use this word very often in the ISC but what a response you made it. "Garuda Puran" is something which should be read by all. I remember my father used to read this book. I myself have not read it fully. Your response is "eye opener" to many. Hats off to you.

    Also I would like to add here about "Manthara", actually "Ramayana" and "Mahabharata" were all per-planned by God itself. If "Manthara" would not have acted that way, the reason to kill Ravana, would not have come out. It was the pressure from the Gods and Goddess, Manthara behaved like that. The same way about "Draupadi" if she would not have married to the Pandavas, the Mahabharata would not have come out and the devils would not have get killed.

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