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    New referral programs in ISC

    Dear friends of ISC!

    Here is what many of you have been asking so far: Member Referral Program

    We will pay you some referral money when you invite your friends and they join using your referral link. Here is the payment details:

    Rs 1: When the referred member completes registration
    Rs 10: When the referred member reach SILVER level
    Rs 100: When the referred member reach GOLD level
    Rs 250: When the referred member reach DIAMOND level (* Rs 1000 for special cases)
    Rs 500: When the referred member reach PLATINUM level (* Rs 1000 for special cases)

    * Special Cases: Referrals joined ISC on or before 5 Sept 2008 and reached Diamond/Platinum levels before 31 Dec 2008 are considered special cases and are eligible for Rs 1000 referral bonus. This is because we had announced higher referral amounts in the past.

    The referral payment is NOT cumulative (which means when a referred member reach DIAMOND level, you will NOT get Rs 1 + 10 + 100 + 250. You will get a total of Rs 250 in this case).


    1. This is applicable only for members who refer and join from 1 April 2008.

    2. You will get the referral only if members complete registration process by validating the email id.

    3. You will get the referral amount only if your friends join ISC by using the link given in If they come to ISC directly to register or if they do not use the referral link given, we will not be able to identify them as your referral.

    4. If you send your referral link to your friend by email and they visit ISC by clicking on that link, our system will remember them as your referral only until they close the browser. If they navigate few pages and then register, you will still get the credits. However, if they close the browser, visit ISC directly again and register, you will not get the credits.

    5. You must be in a equal or higher level to receive bonus for a specific level, effective today. For example, if you are GOLD level member, you can receive only up to GOLD level referral bonus. Even if your referred person becomes DIAMOND level, you will get only GOLD level referral bonus.

    6. Using any kind of spamming, scripting or illegal activities to earn extra referral bonus are not allowed.

    The best way to invite your friends is to send email from your own email id rather than using our "Invite Friends" feature. Since 1000s of members send 100s of invitations from our site, many email providers may consider our invitations as SPAM. So, send the referral link from your personal mail id with a personal message to all your friends.

    You may send emails to big email groups like 'all employees in your office' etc so that you will get many more referrals in short time.

    We will soon introduce other referral programs like you will get some commission when your referred friends earn money from us. Even though such programs will be introduced only in future, it will be effective for all of your current referrals too.

    We will deal very strictly with fake accounts. You may earn some money initially, but we will catch such accounts at the time of payment.

    You can track your referrals here:
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    Hi Tony,

    This a good intiative. This way the traffic would increase and ISC members would also benefit from it.



    Handling Question Paper Section

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    Thanks for your quick feedback, Nitin.

    - Tony

    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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    Hello Mr. Tony,

    you have also accepted my suggestion - ''refer and earn''

    you can see my suggestion in suggest a feature programme.

    Please credit me for this as soon as possible.

    With Regards

    Shikha Chaudhary

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    Hi Tony

    The member refferal program increased the visitors of ISC and also many members of ISC get benefited by this. Thank you and suggest more.

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    Member ISC

  • #7179
    Hi Tony

    The refferal program is a good initiative which will lead to an increased number of visitors in ISC.

    Thank you for the information

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    Hi tony,
    This is the best way to increase the number of visitors in ISC.Also old members will help their referred friend to score maximum points and get higher member level.Tony if possible please allow a networking or chain link system.

  • #7242

    What do you mean by networking/chain link system ?

    - Tony

    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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    Hi Tony,

    I mean Hierarchical strucutre may be implemented to the members.
    So old member can get some profit share through all the members who joined ISC directly /indirectly due to him.
    For eg.
    If A is member and he added 2 members B and C.
    Then B added 5 members and c added 2 members.
    The process continues and the number of members will increase.
    Suppose 100 members joined in this way So Credit and some awards should be given to member A(root).
    'A' should have provision to see his lower level members so that he can help their juniors.
    And a proper criteria and rule will be made to acheive some target.
    There are many companies who are adopting this method and getting success in the field of marketing.

    Best regards


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    Hi Tony,

    I am not satisfied with Rule No. 3
    Actually this rule is good but if a new person closes the browser before registering the members who reffered him will not get any benifit.

    So there should be a provision in the registration form where a new person can 'Enter the id of the member who reffered him to join ISC'.
    It will be more easier and more useful.
    What you think?


  • #7402

    This provision is already there. User can enter the referrer's user id during registration.

    - Tony

    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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    rules are excellent and appreciable.....
    Resorce sharing is also a good activity.

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    Hi Tony,

    This a good intiative. This way the traffic would increase and ISC members would also benefit from it.



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    Good activity by a good person

  • #7894
    this really makes sense and seems quita useful activity
    good luck

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    this helps you to find the lot of information

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    When will be the referral commission be paid. is it that we have to earn Rs.5000 to get the cheque? Why can't it be reduced to some Rs.2000 or Rs.3000/- so that members will get a chance to get the cheques earlier and can show to their friends that they got a cheque from ISC and encourage their friends to join this site and earn money? Please consider my Suggestion Tony.


  • #7948
    We may reduce the amount soon.

    - Tony

    Tony John
    Webmaster -

  • #7954
    Thank you Tony for considering my suggestion.


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    Can we post some issues on power sector which is on the growth trajectory in the country.


  • #7983
    Great work.
    Keep it up.............

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    that is good to know

  • #8008
    hi tony this is a very good work from u keep it...we would like to see these activities more in future

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    its a good activity keep it up

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    Hi Tony

    The refferal program is a good initiative which will lead to an increased number of visitors in ISC.

    Thank you for the information

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    great oppurtunity to us

  • #8196
    great program

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