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    Tips to improve your AdSense revenue

    I have heard about people who earn more than 100,000$ a month from Google AdSense. Also, I am closely associated with many people who earn more than 5000$ a month from Google AdSense.

    Many such experiences from my friends and business associates gave me inspiration to launch Google AdSense revenue sharing program in IndiaStudyChannel. I hope our members make reasonable money and I do work very hard to make it happen.

    I like to take this opportunity to give some tips to my dear members so that you can earn a better revenue by making small changes to what you are contributing currently.

    Where does Google AdSense revenue come from ?

    You will get revenue from Google AdSense when people click on AdSense Ads on the content pages posted by you.

    The amount per click depends on the 'cost of the Ad'. Each Ad has a different cost associated with it, but we have no way to find how much is the value of each Ad.

    The way the Ad system works is, people/companies who want their Ads to appear in Ads participate in an automated auction system in Google (Google AdWords). They can create an account with Google AdWords and pay some money to advertise in other sites. Also, they have to create advertisements (just like the Ads that you see in different parts of this site). When they create an Ad, they have to specify:

    1. How much money they will pay per click.
    2. What kind of keywords they are targeting. For example, they can say 'my Ads should appear in any page which contain the word "Nokia Phone".
    3. Specify other options like 'shows Ads to visitors only from India & China' etc.

    When sites which shows Ads (like IndiaStudyChannel) display Ads, Google's automated system will scan various keywords in the page. Then it will look for the Ads created for those keywords. There may be 100s of Ads for each keyword. Google's automated system will select the highest priced Ad and display in the site.

    If an advertiser want his Ads to show up in pages of highly demanding keywords like 'car review', he has to offer very high amount (like $3 per click). But for other keywords which does not have much business value (like 'University syllabus'), they just need to offer very low money because there won't be any competition at all.

    From this, it is very clear that you will earn more money if your page has expensive keywords. If your page has expensive keywords, the Ads will be priced high and you will earn much higher amount per click.

    Imagine $2 per click from an expensive keyword page vs $0.01 from 50 clicks. Which one you prefer ?

    How to get more money ?

    To earn more money, you need to focus on 2 points:

    1. High priced keywords in your page
    2. More number of clicks.

    How to identify and use expensive keywords ?

    A keyword become expensive when there is lot of competition. There will be more competition for a keyword if the revenue/business generated from such keywords are high. For example, if a page has the keyword 'Sports Car review', you can expect that the Ads in that page will be very expensive because most of the Ads in that page will be related to sports car which is a big business.

    Some of the expensive keywords are:

    Mobiles phones (mobile phone review, phone reviews, telephone reviews, best cell phone etc etc etc)
    Car reviews (automobile reviews, best car, Honda car, Toyota review etc etc etc)

    Think about various highly demanding business and try to post lot of resources about such things. Try to use such keywords multiple times in your resource. Instead of doing copy paste, spend 10-20 minutes per post and write lot of description yourself.

    How to get more clicks ?

    There are 2 factors:

    1. The Ads must be placed in prime position such that your visitors will see the Ads easily and click on Ads. ISC team have done lot of research on this and we are placing the Ads in the most appropriate locations.

    2. More traffic brings more clicks.

    You will get more clicks if there is lot of traffic in your page.

    Instead of posting 100s of useless resources, think about the most appropriate resources and post.

    How to optimize your resources ?

    You can do few things to optimize your resources to get lot of traffic.

    95% of the visitors in ISC come from search engines like Google. There is nobody typing in the browser and read all the resources (except our active members).

    People search in Google for various information. If Google shows your resource in search results, people may click on those results and come to your page.

    So, your focus should be on getting in top of the search results in Google and other search engines.

    The most important factor here is, post resources about what people will search in Google. Think about various things that you and your friends will always search in Google.

    For example, now the exam result season is coming. Lot of people will be searching in Google for various exam results like 'Ignou MBA results' etc. If your resource appear in top of the search results, you may get 1000s of page views within few days on a single resource. This is better than writing 1000s resources which get 1 single visit in a period of 1 year.

    When a new product is introduced in the market, post lot of resources about it.

    When university admissions start, post resources about them.

    There is no benefit in posting resources like 'why cars have 4 wheels ?'. Very rarely people will search for such things and find your resources !

    How to get your resource in top of Google search results ?

    You need to optimize your page such a way that Google will consider your page as important page for specific keywords. This process is called 'Search Engine Optimization (SEO)'. There are several companies doing such work and they charge 1000s of $ for optimizing a site for search engines.

    I am working on SEO for last 7 years and I have made several successful websites. So, you can trust my abilities on optimizing the site ISC to make it friendly for all search engines. I have done (still doing) everything required to get ISC on search results in Google and that is why ISC is getting around 40,000 page views per day from Google as of now.

    Okay, even if I optimize ISC as a site for search engines, you all can do a lot on your resources pages to optimize the individual pages. It is not practical for me to sit and optimize each and every resource page. Read below to learn how to optimize your resource pages for better results from search engines.

    How Google determines which page to be displayed in search results when some one search for specific keywords ?

    The first criteria is, your page must be submitted to Google's database. Google can display a page in the search results only if that page is saved in Google's database. ISC has automated process to submit all resources pages to Google's database. So, you need not worry about this.

    When anyone search for specific keywords, Google will search in it's database to find the best pages matching those keywords. For example, if you search for Kerala SSLC Results, Google will look for pages in all websites which have the keywords 'Kerala SSLC Results'. Google uses it's sophisticated algorithm to determine which pages to be displayed in the top of the results.

    Google's algorithm to determine the top results for a keyword

    Google's algorithm is a very highly confidential information and no one outside Google's core team knows this. However, from our past experience, we can tell you the most important points.

    Page Title

    The page title is the most important single factor determining the ranking of a page in search results. If you search for Kerala SSLC Results and review the sites that appear in search results, you can easily find that all those sites have the title 'Kerala SSLC results'.

    So, when you post a resource, think about the keywords that people are going to search. Then use those keywords in the title.

    For example, if you are posting a resource about your interview experience in Infosys, do not make the title as 'My experience'. No one is ever going to search in internet for the words 'My experience'. Instead, make the title very descriptive. The most appropriate title in this case would be 'Interview experience in Infosys' or 'Infosys interview pattern'.

    Note that, even though your resource is not about interview pattern, you can still use the keyword 'interview pattern' since that is the most searched keyword in this case.

    Do not use any unwanted words or symbols in title. In the above case, do not use the title 'My interview experience with Infosys'. The word 'My' has no significance for a search engine and so you should not waste the title space for any unwanted words.

    Always try to use plurals in the title. For example, "Jobs in Infosys" is a better title than "Job in Infosys". The reason is, the word "jobs" include the word "job" also in that. So, your page will be displayed for both the words "job in Insosys" and "Jobs in Infosys". Instead, if your title is "Job in Infosys", then someone search for "Jobs in Infosys", your page will not be displayed since the word "Jobs" not in the title.

    Keywords in URL

    Google checks the URL whether it contain the keywords as part of the file name. You can see that we are using the title of the resources as part of the URL for each resource. We are handling this part for you and you do not need to worry about it.

    Keywords in description

    Try to repeat the keywords in the description many times without losing the meaning. Google is smart enough to find if you try to cheat them by repeating the same keyword meaninglessly. Add lot of description about the keyword you are targeting.

  • Links to your resource

  • Links from external sites to your resources very important. If we have a resource called 'Kerala SSLC results' and there are so many other sites linking to this resource using the anchor text 'Kerala SSLC results', Google will think that this is the best site for 'Kerala SSLC results' and they will show our page in top of the search results. (This is why we have the blog competition and paying to write blogs pointing to our resources. Many of our pages appear in top of the search results because of this approach).

    So, it is a good idea to go and write many blogs in or other blogging sites with some description about your keyword and a link to your resource. This will help your resource rank high in Google search results.

    Please let me know your feedback about this article. I will try to post more if this is interesting for you.

    - Tony
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    hi Tony,

    Thank you for sharing these valuable information with us.We will try to post more articles which consists of valuable car / phone reviews.
    Please tell me what are referrals what is conversion??


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    You suggested these are high value keywords:
    Mobiles phones (mobile phone review, phone reviews, telephone reviews, best cell phone etc etc etc)
    Car reviews (automobile reviews, best car, Honda car, Toyota review etc etc etc)
    rather than the syllabus of university

    But ISC is educational site and we are restricted to post articles related to knowledge and education.

    So please suggest where can i post reviews etc of high value also provide the list of high value keywords each week if possible.

    with regards

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    Thankyou very much for sharing these valuable information with us, we need a lot of guidance regarding this, please always keep on telling suggestions like this.



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    Hi Tony,

    Thankyou very much for giving such wonderful resources to the members of ISC.
    This resource help all the members of ISC, to improve their adsense revenue.


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    Hi Tony,

    You have clearly explained how google adsense works and how to improve our adsense revenue.

    Its a good resource for new members as well as for old members like me.

    Here is an example where ISC stands top in Google search engine.

    Try searching "aptitude tests" in google search, you can find nearly 5,21000 results, in that ISC stands first.

    Its good to see ISC at top position.



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    Hi Mr.Tony,

    Thanks for providing us very useful information.

    I will try this idea and post my review very soon.

    And Mr.Tony, It's not true that members come from only google , i have been doing my best for the publicity of ISC, I mentioned ISC names in chat rooms and i also mentioned its name in forums and in blgging sites also, I think this is realy a great method to bring traffic to your webpages and earn a huge amount of google adsense.

    Shikha Chaudhary

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    This is a great resources that people like us have been loking for to make a little more than we are making. The secrets of Adsense revenue is what you are exposing to us and this will benefit both the site and members in a big form. I want to suggest that there should be something like this at least once in a month to educate ISC member the more on how to be increasing thier income. Mr. Tony you will see the need for a notice board to make all of us have a common place to access valuable resources like this.

    Kudo to Mr. Tony!



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    Thanx for sharing this useful information with us

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    Very informative article taht gave me an idea about adsense revenue.Keep posting such articles.

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    Thanks for sharing this useful information with us.I really didn't have any idea before.This resource will surely help all the members of ISC, to improve their adsense revenue.

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    Hi tony thanks for sharing this information , For me adsense not yet approved my membership what should i do. have send mail to them but no response what should i do next

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    Thanks for your valualble information. The information you shared is really useful for a new member like me who joined recently this program.

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    Mr. Tony, I should thank you very much. I do not have any idea about all these factors. By reading your information, now I got an idea. Really thank you very much.

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    Dear Mr. Tony,
    I saw here more members are thinking that the Google AdSense is a part of ISC. That's way they are searching every for their AdSence Revenue and they posting more doubts about this issue.
    So, please make a slide show or clip regarding this issue to teach them the relation between ISC and Google AdSense programs.

    Thank you.

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    Hi Tony
    Thnaks for the useful information

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    Hello Tony,

    Thank you for this information.
    It clears many of my doubts.
    It is very useful for all members of ISC.
    It motivates us to post more resourses.
    It is very interesting and post more regarding this.
    Thank you again.

    Best Regards,

    Best Regards,

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    Mr. TONY,

    Please do reply the querry of Mr. Ashish Singh in this regard in which he asked that since ISC is an educational site and we are restricted to post articles related to knowledge and education. How we can post the articles and resourses as suggested by you like :Mobiles phones (mobile phone review, phone reviews, telephone reviews, best cell phone etc etc etc)
    Car reviews (automobile reviews, best car, Honda car, Toyota review etc etc etc) rather than the syllabus of university ?


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