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    Submit messages about ISC in any site and earn money

    Dear ISC Members,

    You can post messages, articles or blogs about any page or feature of ISC in other websites like Yahoo Answers,, etc and earn points+cash credits.


  • The content you posted in the other website must include at least 1 clickable hyperlink to one of the pages in ISC. The link must be to one of the pages of ISC that is related to the content you post.

  • After you post the content in the other sites, you must submit the URL of that page in our Links section so that we will know about it.

  • We do not want our members to SPAM other websites. Post content strictly within the terms & conditions of the other site.

  • We will verify and approve the links only after 10~15 days to make sure that if your post in the other site is not appropriate to the rules of that site, it will be moderated by their admins.

    If you post non relevant messages or attempt to spam other sites, the other website may block your id or delete your posts. In such cases, you will not earn any points or money.

  • For each url submitted, you will get 1 to 50 points and equivalent cash credits. The points and cash depends on various factors including quality of your post, relevance to the linked page in ISC and many others.

    In general, the points per submission will be equal to the number of self written, relevant, meaningful sentences in your post. However, there are some other limitations:

    Link to resource page: Maximum points 10
    Link to college page: Maximum points 15
    Link to school page: Maximum points 10
    Link to university page: Maximum points 50
    Link to home page of ISC: Maximum points 25

    Link from Yahoo Answers: Maximum 5 points
    Link from Yahoo Answers (Best Answer Selected By Askers): Maximum 10 points

    In other cases, editors will determine the points based on various criteria. Some of the criteria involved in determining the points are:

    - Popularity of the website/page in which you post content
    - Overall value of the your content and related page in ISC
    - Quality of your post

  • If you are linking to resources in ISC from third party sites, the anchor text used to link must match with the title of the resource.

  • You are allowed to post resources in ISC and then post a summary of the same resource in a blog or Knol and link to your own resource. In that way, you will get points for your resource, points for your link and also additional traffic to your resource from your link in other site.

  • If you are linking to college or school pages in ISC from third party sites, the anchor text used to link must include the school name and also the word 'college' or 'school'.

  • If you are linking to the university pages in ISC from third party sites, the anchor text used to link must include the university name and also the word 'university'.

  • If the anchor text is same as the url, no points will be given (except in case of Yahoo answers). Always use keywords as anchor text.

  • The blog or knol or content you post must contain a maximum of 2 clickable hyperlinks and they should use keywords as the anchor text.

  • Each blog/knol must have at least 10 lines of text.

    What is anchor text ?

    Anchor text is the "text" used in the clickable hyperlinks. See the example:

    Make money from AdSense

    In the above example, the anchor text is 'Make money from AdSense'. When clicked on that, it goes to the URL ''.

    The below example shows that URL itself is used as anchor text. Even though it goes to the same page when clicked, this type of link is not allowed for the link submission program. The anchor text must be some keywords (not URL itself) to earn money.
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    Nice to hear it and it encourages to get more hooked to ISC.

  • #8111
    Nice step to improve ISC traffic. Also giving members to earn money.
    Member ISC

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    i have posted the question papers and earn the diamond level

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    Delete Attachment

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    That's an excellent initiative sie.I t will help in the growth of this website

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    This is an excellent opportunity to get more response to ISC

  • #8163
    It is good for site, More people will come to know about this site and they will share their knowledge with us and we will be benifted by both ways . Its appriciable move from ISC

  • #8230
    hi its nice

  • #8253
    Nice concept, but please clearify the following lines :-
    "After you post a message about ISC in other sites, you must submit the URL of that page in our Links section "
    Please let us know how to do this ?

  • #8338

    Please go to and post the url there so that we will know that you have posted a message about ISC. That is the only we can find it and credit you.

    - Tony

    Tony John
    Webmaster -

  • #8359
    Before registering or participating actively with ISC, analyze yourself what this site can give you exactly. Friends, if the amount of money which you get is the only thing that motivates you, I doubt you are losing out on the great development which you can add on to your personality, knowledge and the popularity which this sites promise you. I challenge anyone for that matter. If you are actively participating with ISC for a year, your total worth in terms of knowledge, personality etc would grow 10 times more. With that confidence if you could shape your career, nothing could stop you from becoming the top in the organization where you work. With that mentality let’s make this endeavor a success which in turn is our own success. Let's explore and share, develop and help others to develop and let money follow you...

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    i had posted one answer thats i got 5 rupees.

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    Nice one

  • #8412
    i think its cool to earn money

  • #8417

  • #8455
    I didn't get the "link section" point. Please make me clear about it.
    But still i like the new concept. Cheers !!

  • #8486
    its nice

  • #8493

    this is the link section.
    can u see in that 'add new link"
    click on that
    add your link,which means copy and paste the name of your blog where you mentioned about
    got it?

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    i can see one step in the revenue earning ladder

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    Hello all,

    I have been away from this site for many days, bcoz currently my exams are going on, but I will come back soon.

    Hello Mr.Tony,
    The above programme is referred by me, I referred this in suggest a feature programme.

    Shikha Chaudhary

  • #8740
    cool and nice program for us
    thank you,
    MR.tony and family

  • #8957
    Really nice feature. In this way the the no. of the visitors can also be increased.
    Good work, keep it up.

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    yahoo answer posting is very interesting. while answering the questions we will get money. At the same time the receipients will get answers about their questions. This is a wonderful idea for knowledge sharing and social networking

    Sobha Wilson

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  • #9392
    Hi Tulasi,
    Do you followed all the steps before posting the link. In the yahoo answers there should be a clickable link to ISC. Otherwise we will not approve that.
    With regards

    Jose Mathew
    Webmaster ISC

  • #9398
    check your internet connection speed
    Sobha Wilson

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    Dear friends,

    Before registering or participating with ISC you have to confidence that you have to make your career. If you join with ISC no one could top you from becoming the top in the organization. By this site you can make your personality, popularity and knowledge also. This is my challenge. But my friend you have to remember that if you are developing than you have to help others to develop. Please go to this link and post your url.

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    Hi Jose

    I submitted 4 rediff answers and pasted the links in the LINKS section. May i know why were they disapproved/ deleted when i had put valid answers with links to ISC?

  • #9762
    Hi Jose,
    Its really very nice source for us to earn more money.On this acassion i want to thaNk Isc for providing more and more ways for us.
    With regards

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