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    Wasting food remainings in intolerable

    Intolerable when we see the people are wasting food items in marriage/parties etc. It is more tear bringing is wasting food in hotels as they are offering only one plate rice but many people
    wasting some portion. How they are doing with full heart when they are paying money from their packet. They are wasting money as well food. Above all the remaining food are dumped in the dustbin are just wasted with mud and soil.

    Moreover, we have to see the stages of escape of a single piece of rice. Initially it escape from rats when it was in the stake, escaping while got packing when harvesting, escaping while grinding, filtering,selling and even cooking. By escaping at all such stages, it is coming to the plate as food and in spite of such escape it feeds us and if we without thinking waste that food means how harsh we are?
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    Dear Ramachandran Pattabiraman Sie ji, I would like to one thing, left over food is definitely a bad thing for every one, suppose what ever we left can be used by some one else ( who staying and sleeping hunger). But I do not take this thing seriously, we need to be cautious. DO not think about other just imagine your self in bad situation and you do not have any money or small portion of food where you are having large family member to eat all that.
    Automatically the wastage of food will be reduced.
    I have seen many people at party take to much food with out tasting, and they throw the food for two main reason either the food taste is not god or they have brought more than they should consume.
    So at party always taste some portion then ask for more, and do not get emotional about left over food.
    As there is no practical solution even you can not make understand every one, or else we all will become a leader whom people will start follow our statement.
    Just save your own food and consume properly and donate when ever you are capable to donate.
    There is a message circulate in Facebook that we should call 1098 to donate left over food at party, but how will that practically possible, suppose our party ends at 12 am and I call them , definitely they cant serve that food at right moment to hungers, and they need to keep it for tomorrow, and there is chance of perishing the food, which might cause you legal case for food poisoning to others, so people better feel to waste the left over food.
    To avoid such situations every body should aware the quantity of food.

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    It is the matter of grave concern that food items are wasted in two ways. The first being those which are stored in the public warehouses which are kept open to the sky and that are vulnerable to nature fury and also rodents. The second wastage of food being found in big functions and marriage ceremonies. The elders must be with the young ones when they eat. Normally I have seen that along with elders, the young children also handles a plate and put so much rice, roti and curries, which they may not eat in full and thus it goes to the dustbin. At the same time the organizers of such functions never oblige poor people outside the hall to have access to food. I am totally against children wasting food. In one of the marriage I found a child taking four laddus and I questioned, why so much, for that child started crying as if I am taking away those extra laddus. This kind of things happening without adult supervision.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    @ K Mohan sir, you are right as children is having less knowledge and so they do not bother about the rest of world and society, it is the duty of parents at party and ceremonies to guide them about the intake food quantity. Then they will definitely learn the things and will avoid wasting food.
    Some time I have seen many adults also bring lot of meat in their plate and after chewing some part they throw and again refill their plate where as at home they do not follow the same procedure, so we can not blame always the children about the wastage of food. Every body should be careful, as we all have social responsibilities, although we can not allow poor or hunger people to our party but at least can distribute the left over food after the party ends.

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    I have noticed that apart from parties etc., a lot of food is wasted in restaurants on day to day basis, despite the fact that nowadays people are getting the leftover food packed to bring the same home for consumption later. Generally when a group of people visit a restaurant for eating out, all of them are asked to tell their choice or preference. In such cases most of the time each member tries to look distinguished by ordering something which has not been selected by others. This results in ordering many dishes and generally it is not possible for a single person to consume the full dish alone. In case six different dishes are ordered by a group of six persons then almost 40% to 50% of the food is likely to go waste. Perhaps, it is better to let the children tell their choice and the elders should adjust with the children's selection.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Ordering in restaurant is also an art. Suppose there are five person including one child, then order mix of Roti/NAn, rice, dal, curry, veg and non veg keep in mind. Then only there will be no wastage. Do not order for every individual as in restaurant normally the portion they serve for one is normally can not be consumed by single person. so most of the time make it 2/3, order for 2 person and you three person can easily consume and fill your stomach happily.

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    Mr. Ramachandran Pattabiraman,
    You have raised a good thread about wastage of food. Do you know that God has written on every grain the name of the individual to whom it belongs to? We cannot take a rice which is written for a rat but available in our plate. We cannot take a rice which is written for a beggar that is held in our plate. Ultimately, the food thrown away is eaten by the flies or insects to whom it is marked. God ensures that all his creations are fed properly. Wasting food is one way of serving the needy.

    No life without Sun ¤

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