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    Do we really mean what we say in public?

    We write and say so many things on many topics in public. We will be very eloquent about women's rights, corruption, traffic problems what not everything. In a given situation, it happens many a times in our lives, that we do not practice what we say in public. We will be very sympathetic about women's problems in public, but when it comes to women in our house we take a different stand. We all say corruption is very bad at any level. When it comes to us, we ourselves act in a corrupt manner or do not hesitate to give a bribe to get our work done. I myself will get very angry when I see a person braking traffic rules and causing inconvenience. When I do the same mistake, I do not feel much and try to convince myself.
    There may be few persons who mean what they say and stick to it. Such people are far and few. This is the mentality of an average Indian. I found this to be true while having discussions with friends. Members, do you accept that most of us have this type of mentality?
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    By the way why we should be mean and not following her conscious and promises we made in our life. Every one strives to live happily and even reaching out to others in times of need. Those who are seasoned persons and very professional in their life, do respect others and their feelings as they wont have time to speak gossip or ill against others and thus that itself shows the attitude and their contribution to the society. What I feel that when we are busy with our daily chorus ,thinking of others may not be possible, but when it comes to respecting and regarding the others, especially women we do give priorities without even getting advise from others.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Barring few exceptional cases, most of individuals have dual identities. The visible one is the public or social face, and the invisible one is the real face which is generally kept hidden behind the social mask. The people cannot afford to speak their mind about so many things in open as in that case they are likely to be ostracized by the society. In an society infested with corrupt practices, no one can afford to be honest. The system will not allow them to remain honest as it will cause inconvenience to the society. There are certain set moral standards or ideals about which the people have to always pay their obeisance. Showing respect to women in public is one such ideal. It is not necessary that the exact thought pattern is harbored in the mind also. Same goes with the other examples cited by the author like traffic rules, petty corruption and social evils like drinking, smoking or gambling etc.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    It is always every body wants to show their goodness in front of others. Although we know what is right and what is wrong it is difficult to follow in daily life. If you are giving breaking of traffic rules, some time due to hurry most of people break the rule although they are well mannered and honest people. If we forced to bribe some officer to get complete our job, then we will definitely offer although our heart does not allow. So it all depend upon to live the life in smoother way. But if government and rules become strict then definitely we can see the reduce in breaking the rules.

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    There is no limit of people desired and it will be last long until there is mankind. I heard one proverb form my father that "If you want something to achieve then you should have to lost something" So I thinks that's was truth according to the above post.

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    It is a true fact. We all are criticise and give instructions to others for their mistakes. But when the same problem occured to ourself we donot accept it. I think it is the culture of indian society. We do not think about what is true? and what is false? when a problem will occur. It is due to the tension of human mind and fear for facing it. So making a good mindset is correct this problem.

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