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    Why small kids always put a thumb in their mouth?

    Today is father day but I want to write it for my daughter who is having 5 years she always put her thumb in mouth as father as daughter when I was small kid I used to put my thumb in mouth . Why all small kids always put their thumb in mouth? putting thumb in mouth is a bad habit we can't stop small kids to put their thumb in mouth but it leads to bunny teeth and also wrong alignment of the teeth.So what are the necessary steps to be taken to prevent the small kids to put their thumb in mouth? Knowledgeable members please respond to this question.
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    Sucking reflex is common to all mammals and is present at birth. Not only humans, but the babies of other mammals like chimpanzees also have thumb sucking habit. The sucking instinct is associated with breast feeding and the babies start sucking anything which touches the palate or roof of their mouth. The babies learn that sucking provides them nutritive feeding and associated pleasure, comfort and warmth also. Therefore after they are weened off the nutritional breast feeding, they continue to have tendency to suck their thumbs or fingers.
    Thumb sucking is harmful, if continued after the age of 5 years when the permanent teeth start to erupt. It is recommended by experts that instead of scolding the child for thumb sucking, praising their not sucking thumbs is more effective . Also in case the children resort to thumb sucking due to boredom, they should be involved in some fun activity. Nowadays orthodontists offer some appliances also to help children get rid of the bad habit of thumb sucking.

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    Well logically speaking children are fond of sucking milk from the mothers breast and they really enjoy that doing so. Their habit wont die that easily and in the absence of not finding anything to suck, they take the refuge under sucking his own thumb.
    K Mohan
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    Mohan sir is right, small babies are sucking milk from mother and babies not known it. So they put their thump to mouth thinking that they get milk. I seen that the babies of 3 month is put the whole finger and squeezing. The saliva is also a reason for this. Saliva appear to sweet taste when squeezing finger.

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