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    Why parents always give example of others instead of their own success?

    Al parents want their children to be successful, either in qualification or in career.
    They always give the example of celebrity or son of the neighbour or other relatives. Why most of parents never says that their children should become like their parents.
    Are not they happy with own achievement or level?
    Is it good method to guide a child, saying that try to become like him but not giving own example.
    Is not affect the child why my parents does not want to become like them? Will they lose the respect from children for this behaviour?
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    Good poser by the author. Relatively speaking every parent is not that success as the students are portraying and achieving today in the stiff competition. Gone are the days when the success was not recognized nor awarded. The good and beset students who have excelled in their studies are confined to great job in government and thus their talent and tenure ends without any further progress. So doing desk jobs for so many years, parents normally get frustrated and thus they do not want their children to follow their course of life. That is the reason being so they take the example of others who have proved their mantle and earning well in this stiff competition world.
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    The percentage of people who are able to fulfill their respective desire is very low. Most of them don't succeed in getting what they aspired for in their own case. Thus the parents have a tendency to fulfill their desire thorough their children. Therefore they cite the examples of great achievers instead of their own. It is not that the parents feel ashamed of quoting their own examples , but when they find that their own personal achievements had been only average or mediocre then they attempt to live through their dreams by trying to motivate or inspire their children by citing examples of leaders of the respective fields. However I have never heard parents asking their children to become Mahatma Gandhi or Einstein as they known that one cannot become Mahatma Gandhi or Einstein by doing hard work alone.
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    Every parent want a lot more sucess then they have ever achieved. They want their children to go and achieve things a way ahead then they have achieved.
    As there is a normal saying in I heard from my grand father that I think which every parent want for their child also which id
    "A child is considerd to be successful when the first salary he earned is a lot more then what his fathers maximum and highest salary ever"
    Success is when a person achieves lot more then what he already have and imrprove the level of family in every aspect,otherwise if a child is expected to be same like his/her parents how can he/she will be able to fulfil dreams of his/her parents to come true.

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    Parents always want their children to be successful in life. Every child does mistakes. When they are children, they may have done some mistakes which caused them problems or stopped them from being more successful than they are now. So, they try their best to stop children from doing such mistakes. As parents want their children to be more successful than them, they give examples of people more successful than them. Also, some parents (successful and happy with their lives) give examples of themselves to their children. Anyways, parents do more than they can to make their children successful. It is our (children) responsibility to take care of them (parents) when they get old but not take them to old age homes etc,.

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