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    If new threads posted are unique, why other threads raised with similar content at the same time?

    Whenever a new thread having some uniqness is posted by any member which gets very much attention by various member is raised.
    Suddenly at the same time someone raises a similar thread with few changes which stoles all the limelight of the thread posted earlier.
    Because This kind of practice the discussion on the earlier thread remains incomplete without any conclusions.
    Why their is no rules for similar content with little changes posted on the same time in ISC?
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    The original thinkers are rare and scarce. Most of the members get a cue from one source or the other to get food for their thoughts. There are members who get inspiration from the news broadcasted in television or printed in the news papers. Such members, after reading morning news paper identify the topics for the day's threads. There are others who pick up the thoughts from the website 'quora' or social websites like Facebook etc. The members whose bankruptcy of thoughts is even deeper, pick up the ideas from the threads posted on the ISC itself by the other authors.
    However there is one more aspect of the subject matter. Most of the new authors who feel that they are posting threads on a novel topic, are generally not aware of the fact that in most of the cases, the same topics had already been discussed in the forum section umpteen times in the past.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Good observation from the author. Creating a thread takes and goes with lots of thinking process and also it must suit to the thinking level of members responding here. I have also invariably seen that once a good thread appears here, there is a tendency follow same kind of threads but with little variations to seek our intervention and response. By the way I am also watching the progress of forum responses with great interest. If a tricky question is posted and no one responds to it , then it remains like that for long time. If response comes, then idea shoots into the mind of members either to support the thread or degrade the responses appended there in. That is really a bad practice. Every member has the right to say on his own that should not be belittled just because the other member failed to response first. Invariably the responses would be either supporting or going against the wishes of the author in many threads and not their own brand of responses.
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    The same thought may occur to many people. They express their thought in their own way. The thought need not necessarily be a copied one from some other person. When thinking about such problem, we have to think in a positive manner and start with the premise that the same thought might have crossed the mind of other person. In this wide world, there are chances that many a people across the world may be thinking of the same subject at the same time. To come to a conclusion immediately that it is copied from some one or some other blog site is some what preposterous. There may be some people who may be doing it but generalising it is not a good thought. Getting inspiration from news channels is not a bad idea. The news channels will be broadcasting the latest news and the same may be conveyed by a member for the benefit of the others. No one is so knowledgeable to write or respond from memory and we will be referring to many resources. We will be prompted by the happenings around, from the internet, from our own thoughts, discussions with others and there are so many ways of getting inspired to raise a thread or respond to it. Sometimes the thread raised by a member may prompt another member to extend it to get more clarifications or as a counter to the thread raised. From what I observed from the forum and other sections there are many young members who are capable of raising good thought provoking threads on their own.
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    ISC is liberal. Members have liberty and freedom to post their own thoughts and express their views. When we look at something, our mind creates something related to it. When we see a donkey, we can think of a horse. When we look at a dog, we can think about a tiger. When we think about a cat, we can also think about a rat. Since there is no limit to our thoughts and ideas, anything unique at ISC make us to think and create the same in a different manner. Hope you understand my philosophy.
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    Do copyright rules apply in such cases also? I think no, as the language used by the author following the thoughts of the others is different.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I think the title of the thread itself merits due consideration. Just read it. It says, "If new threads posted are unique, why other threads raised with similar content at the same time?" So , the question here has two parts. Firstly it is about posting a thread with similar content and secondly, and importantly, it is about posting it at the same time as the other thread.

    There is no doubt that one may get ideas or so to say may be inspired by a particular thread, the topic as such or the content in general or a part of it. But, I feel, we have the responsibility to ensure that a good topic or thread raised by an author is discussed properly. By raising another thread on the same issue during the active existence of a particular thread, we, though it may be to make out a point or to express our views independently, are actually marring the chances of a concentrated discussion. We do need to respect the efforts put in by an author. If everyone is to raise a separate thread on the same topic with similar content citing independent views, I don't see the purpose of having the responses feature here.

    So, at the cost of repeating my views which I had expressed on earlier occasions too, I support the view taken by the author and would request our dedicated members to consider this point seriously in the interests of the forum section which is the face of this site.

    Mr Kailash, it is not the question of copyrights, it is a matter of ethics that we need to be aware of being part of a team.

    Knowledge is knowing tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in fruit salad - Miles Kington.

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    I want to appeal one more thinks taking opportunity of this thread that some of the older ISC member are always superintend to new member ,as my own thought it will also make ISC more better if such improsperous is solved in time .........

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    The question asked from this thread is true and valid. Why do a new thread get posted if the same matter is getting discussed in another thread? The same matter which would come out as a new thread could be discussed in the older thread.

    This topic is not new , we all have discussed it numerous of time but again we are responding to this thread means we are really lacking somewhere and that has to be fixed. The thing is we should not hijack other's content and labelled as our name it is just disgusting and should not be tolerate.

    If such threads are keep coming (when the earlier thread is on) , we as a member should point out that member and request the editor to lock the thread.

    "Any man who stands for progress has to criticize, disbelieve and challenge every item of the old faith." - Sardar Bhagat Singh

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    In ISC as Saji said, we should see it as a matter of ethics.

    There is possibility that more than one member comes with thread on same topic almost closely following . This happens due to unintentional co-incidence. In such case (we have seen sometimes ) the latter thread is closed either after the member himself declares that he was not aware of the earlier thread when posting; or the editors close one of the thread and referring to the other thread.

    But many times we see that threads on same topic, but titled and fashioned in different way to avoid easy detection are also raised. I do not think all are innocent happenings.

    A few alert members point out this also and even refer the earlier thread. But sometimes it gets effect and mostly not. So the deliberate imitators get encouraged.

    Members themselves can defeat this deception by not responding to the imitations . Alert members can also expos the conscious imitation by giving the link of the original thread.

    So I agree with Saji especially the last line in his post #568172 " is not the question of copyrights, it is a matter of ethics that we need to be aware of being part of a team.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    Basically it is the duty and responsibility of the forum editors to be vigilant and alert to ensure compliance of the policies and guidelines of the ISC. It is true that everything cannot be and even need not be jotted down explicitly in the text of the policies and guidelines. The ethical issues are therefore implied to have been covered. It is also not practical to expect all the new members to be aware of the nuances of the policies and guidelines since day one. Enforcement of even the policy of not pulling the threads which are more than 10 days old is posing a challenge. In my opinion the editors will have to be more assertive in ensuring desirable quality control in the forum section.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    If ISC editor start giving guidelines to Diamond and Gold level members, then we (Diamond and Gold members) should go to primary school and take admission in LKG. What a good sight that will be!
    "Any man who stands for progress has to criticize, disbelieve and challenge every item of the old faith." - Sardar Bhagat Singh

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