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    DO we help black marketers during emergency?

    Nai na dekhanu langala.
    Nai ( river), Na dekhanu ( with out seeing), nangala ( naked). When ever we get news about cyclone, heavy rain or any kind of storm we started purchase our requirement things like battery, match box, candles, potato, wheat flour, rice, onion etc. Or else if we get to know that the price is going to be hiked in 2 days then we started purchasing in more quantity than we require for next 3-4 days.
    Automatically due to higher demand the price get increased at several steps, starting from distribution point to retail store.
    Who is actually should take the blame for this?
    buyer, seller or the Government authority not to check the right products at right price?
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    Government has no role to play in normal day to day business activities. The prices are not regulated by the Government authorities. It is totally a matter of demand and supply. Often even during non-emergency situations, prices of few commodities shoot up due to shortage in supply which automatically increases demand.
    In cases of complaints etc. about hoarding for increasing the prices artificially, action is taken by the Government against the individuals who are found guilty on thorough investigation of the matter.
    Generally in business activities many kinds of irregularities run side by side. Under measurement, adulteration, tax evasion, sale of spurious/non-standard products etc. are some of such examples. The regulatory authorities become their partners and turn a blind eye toward their nefarious activities in lieu of getting a 'hafta'. The customers also become a party to the whole game by preferring to buy the products without insisting for cash memo as it costs lesser to them.

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    A hungry man will not think about the penny gain. So, the black marketers take advantage of the situation to make money. The government officials who are also human beings will watch the situation and get benefitted as their palms will be greased satisfactorily by the black marketers. It is like the fence eating the crops. Can't help.
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    A good thread from the aggrieved party. Yes during emergencies it is customary and compulsory for the people to store the necessities of life in ample and advance. Cyclone is the curse for the coastal region people and they have the compulsion to maintain basic necessities before hand. I think National Disaster Management must release fund for state government to supply essentials through fair price shops and that must be monitored by the police during emergencies. Traders take advantage of emergency situations and even hide the goods for further hiking price. Such hoarders must be punished severe;y and his trading license must be cancelled.
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