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    Which advice offered by the father figures flashes more often than others in peoples mind?

    Today on the occasion of fathers day, let us appreciate a very important role played by the father of almost all individuals. Here for the purpose of discussion we may include grand father, uncles and other relatives of the stature of father in the definition of a father. One of the most important role of the father is to guide the children and offer advice to them. Generally most of the fathers offer some common types of advices like pay due attention to studies, save money, do hard work etc. However in different families such advices are offered by the fathers in their own characteristics manner. I received many such advices from my father and have offered many advices to my children also. As far as my own father (who is no more) is concerned , he used to often repeat the Hindi/Urdu saying - ' padoge, likhoge banoge nawab, kheloge kudoge to hoge kharab' ( in case one will read and write then he/she will become like ruler of a state, but if he/she will only waste time in playing , then his/her life will be spoiled).
    Do you remember the more memorable piece of advice received from your father or father like personality.
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    Study well - play well - save money - don't spend lavishly - don't be a miser - respect your elders - have trust in God - don't go behind girls - trust yourself - don't fear anyone - don't hate anyone - don't wish anyone misfortune - don't abuse anyone - Help the poor and the needy if you can - try to acquire knowledge - be in company of good friends - Always smile - enjoy life - don't be greedy - always speak truth - be happy with what you have -. don't worry about life - it is the destiny that will decide your future.
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    Well on this fathers day I remember my father fondly and his chiding and scolding were really helpful to whole family and we have learned from him the intricacies of punctuality and perfection of doing work. He always used to advise to be in punctual and we should not make others to wait for us. That is the reason being so, when ever we went out of station with family, we are advised to be in station well before the train comes. Likewise he is very perfectionist. He wants everything being kept in the assigned place so that even in darkness the things must come to hand without searching for it in deep. These may be small things or advise, but it greatly works. For example in office we cannot keep the things shabby and keep here and there as every thing has been assigned with particular place and like wise the house must also be arranged with things in order no matter small children would be there to disturb the order.
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    On this auspicious day, I remember fondly my father who always encouraged to gather knowledge from different sources be it your teacher or it is the informative books or computer and according to him the punctuality is the essential quality and without this we cannot achieve perfection. His advice on this point helped me considerably in my service life and throughout my service life I was known for my punctuality. My father insisted me to chalk out a routine and to follow the same rigidly would transform my personality filled with positivity. Needless to say, his preechings directly or indirectly have influenced me to a great extent and still he is fondly remembered for his valuable guidance.
    I pay my tribute to that great soule on this auspicious day.

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