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    Do people become religious minded during difficult times?

    There are many kinds of people in the world. Some are very religious minded and many others are self proclaimed atheists. However generally it is seen that many of the non-believers also tend to become religious minded during difficult times. Is it possible for an individual to go on changing his/her religious beliefs? Should such individuals be labelled as opportunists?
    In my personal opinion, irrespective of the degree and extent of religious beliefs, all individuals should acknowledge that there is some supreme power who controls the things which are not within the control of human mortals.
    Do people become religious minded during difficult times?
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    Many non-believer students also go to the temple on the examination eve and pray for an easy question paper.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    These days people pray only during difficult times and remaining times they forget that god exists. Being religious depends on peoples belief and their experience. Some people would have worshipped god for something and if what they wish happened, their belief becomes stronger. According to me every individual will have a fear of god even though they present themselves as atheists and their religious believes comes to light only during their difficult times. I agree that people worship and go to temple during difficult times. Remaining time, even if they are religious and have faith in god they do not show it as they will have all that they want.

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    Normally I have seen that young ones and youth are not attracted to the God or his blessings. They simply believe on their hard work and the results. But as the time goes by and one gathers age, slowly the intricacies of challenged life is well understood and that forces a person to become religious and seek divine intervention on every work. When we become old, the younger ones wont care and we are left to our own business. In that situation taking the refuge under God intervention and listening or reading the religious matters is the best way of killing time. instead of getting chiding from unwanted people. Really old age is very taxing.
    K Mohan
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    When anybody beats a child the child cries as 'Maa' and running towards its mother or father or grandparents or other elders of the house. When the mother herself beats the child for anything, the child that time too cries as 'Maa' and run towards other elders of the house. Like that we all are children of the God or supreme power and so we when face any problem automatically our legs moves towards temple the house of God. Moreover since the temple is the place where other unwanted attractions are not presenting, the mind of us when we go with problem,met some peace. Here there is no difference in God fearing/feeling or atheists. God believing persons going to temples and praying God openly but the atheists are praying God in mind without the others knowledge.

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    Yes, its true that many people remember the God in difficult times. They may be religious minded and may be doing puja at their home. In difficult times, people tend to go to temple and pray to the God that their problems may be solved. They even offer to visit so and so temple. Some sort of offerings are made to the God after their problem is solved.
    There will be believers and non believers. The non believers are again two types. In times of difficulties, some of the non believers become believers. There will always be some persons who staunchly do not believe in God. They are the real atheists.

    With regards

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    Questions about the existence of a super power is always a mystery in human history. Ultimately the mortality of our bodies is that which is forcing us to believe in something. We really dont want ourselves to be vanished from this wonderful world . So we believe in another world where we continue to live accepting the rewards or punishments for what we did here in ythis life. However this concept is all by religions. There are people who believe in a power but nit a religious God. There are people who believe in nature and consider it as supreme authority like pagons. There are humans who dont even know about religions. So ,the point is different. God is someone to whom we think we can share our difficulties,those who strongly suffocate for a person to share their personal weakness,God is the ultimate safe corner to be with. Its peace and self stability. No wonder human beings think of God when they are in need. Thats the basic human nature. When we are healthy,rich and powerful we forget those who were there for us in needs.. this must be changed. We must learn to acknowledge the presence of almighty everywhere .In me and you lives a super power. Always consider that. Dont be religious... be God's.
    keep smiling...


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    All the peoples are living with a hope in reigious powers. They are praying to god for getting something difficult to achieve. It will help those to gain something. But i don't think there is some power to solve all problems of peoples. I think some of the peoples are not thank to god when they are happy. But, they all will goto god when a problem will occur. In my class if there is a testpaper, all students will pray to god that stop teacher from entering class. Such a lovely memories are also due the hope on god in difficult times.

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    This is a common practice, in any religious and whole world. This is not about as we are Hindus, but even I have seen when ever people face any problem, ( whether he is a Muslim, christian or Islam) all request their respective good to sort out the issue. And also they offer some bribe ( like donation, fruits and sweets etc.
    we have a strong believe that the super power which operating the system and world is God, and when ever we start exam . when ever we face any kind or problem, salary delay etc we start praying God to sort out the issue easily and quickly.

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