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    What use if we have more money and wealth but no peace of mind?

    I just thought about this and posting it here to receive comments from our dear ISC members. "What use if we have enough wealth, bank balance, cash in hand, but no peace of mind?"

    We can buy everything that we need but where we can we get peace of mind? How to acquire peace of mind?

    Have you something to talk about? Post your interesting comment about money and peace of mind with your own philosophy.
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    A good thought by the author. These days we do not get peace of mind whether we have money or not. If one has money, safeguarding it is a problem and this gives sleepless nights especially if it is acquired illegally. Even when it is earned legally, there will be so many around us expecting something and causing anxiety. If one does not have money , it is a major problem as day to day life becomes difficult. The thought of earning money costs peace of mind. In these modern days the lifestyles and way of thinking have changed a lot. Everyone will be after something but not peace of mind. Unless we are content with what we have, there will not be peace of mind.
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    It is basically the problem of the individual who has money and wealth, but no peace of mind. Others can only feel jealous about him/her, though the best course of action is to ignore such people and concentrate on one's own business. Bothering too much about other's money and wealth is likely to result in loss of the peace of mind of the social reformer kind of persons themselves.
    Generally money is very important and required even in case of a common man to fulfill their day to day needs. But the parents who are not able to teach their children, the importance and significance of the peace of mind, run after amassing wealth and lose their peace of mind in the process.
    One typical example is the case of a famous yoga guru, who is bent upon increasing his wealth by promoting his products on television channels. He has not engaged any celebrity as a model since he himself is a celebrity. What he will do with the wealth created so painstakingly is not clear to me.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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