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    Is mineral water or water packets are really a purified water?

    Sometimes where in our houses we do not have any water, in functions and offices we often see the usage of mineral water bottles and in railways, buses and in shops we used to see mineral water packets sold by shop keepers.Is mineral water packets or mineral water bottles are purified water?What is the technology that is used to purify this water?How it is different from water which we are using?Now this has been become a big business of selling mineral water bottles and water packets. knowledgeable members please respond to this question.
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    Water at different places is contaminated with different types of impurities. At certain places the water contains bacteria and parasites and at other places the same contains dissolved impurities containing heavy metals like arsenic, mercury, zinc and cadmium etc. Though traditionally processes like boiling water or using chemical disinfectants and residential water filters and purifiers were used for purifying the water, but nowadays people are depending more on buying bottled water. However all bottled water products are not alike. At Agra we have found that many water purifying plants were installed by many entrepreneurs and they used to supply bottled water in 20 liter jars to various households and other establishments. One may take following precautions while buying bottled water -
    1. Don't buy local brands. Instead go for reputed brands like Bisleri, Kinley, Aquafina etc. The larger companies/MNC's follows strict quality control norms and BIS standards.
    2. Check the seal. Reject the bottle in case of any kind of suspicion.
    3. Check the manufacturing date, expiry date and BIS mark on the bottle.
    4. Ensure that the bottle is clean from outside also.

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