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    Subramanian Swamy targets Kejriwal,-is it start of political boomerang for Kejriwal

    Allegations and targeting in politics is very common and they are always double edged. Sometimes such tactics boomerang. Till day Kejriwal appeared to be acting on a single point agenda of targeting Narendra Modi. Though he also aimed at Congress leader also, they appeared vague and weak and of low strength. But Kejriwal was always basking in the glory of remaining in public limelight by continuously throwing allegations. That was all till arrival of Subramanian Swamy in Parliament.
    I saw a news report, that Swamy has said "Kejriwal next'. This was after the RBI governor Raghuram Rajan announced to go back for 'academia' and not interested in a second term. SubramaniamSwamy was quoted as saying "Till now I was Rajan ke peechhe.." That accomplished now Swamy has announced his intention of exposing Kejriwal as he has " records of how he got his admission...which I will reveal in a press conference." He was talking this while supporting BJP MP Mahesh Giri who was protesting outside Kejriwal's house in Delhi.
    Can we see some political fireworks or dirty linen washing in public soon?
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    The most important event in the life and career of Subramanian Swamy had been his sacking from IIT. In the year 1970 he was removed from the post of the professor at IIT, Delhi though later in the year 1990, he was legally reinstated by the Supreme Court of India. Also during the period of emergency, he had fled to USA. He is an alumni of famed Harvard University, having completed his Ph.D. in economics in the year 1965.
    We must expect some fireworks in the Kejriwal matter. One can say that it is sort of coming of age as an politician, in case Kejriwal is becoming a target of none other than the Subramanian Swamy.
    Some of the others who could attract attention of Subramanian Swamy are Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Jayalalitha, Mayawati, Ramakrishna Hegde, A. Raja and Kapil Sibal etc.

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