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    Revenue earning in India study channel

    How many required for a member from bronze to gold to start am in level bronze 8 points , how many points I require to meet earning.
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    The points you get has got nothing to do with earning. The earnings are dependent on the quality of your contributions and the parameters editors use for each section where cash credits are given for posts submitted. Membership level is also irrelevant to earning. A bronze level member can start earning right away in sections where cash credits are offered for contributions and, again, based on the quality of the contribution.

    Managing Editor,

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    Thank u Vandana, still my question is not clarified.plz let me know.

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    As already explained by the ME above, there is no connection between 'points' and earning. On ISC 'cash credits' means earning. One can earn cash credits anytime on the basis of quality of his/her contents being found worthy enough to get cash credits on evaluation by the editors.
    In forum section also cash credits are awarded by the editors in case of outstanding contents. Generally the members earn more cash credits by posting quality contents in the sections like ask expert and resources etc.
    One reaches gold level after earning 1000 points. Member's 'Member Rank' and 'Member Level' is determined on the basis of the earned points. A member may not be able to earn any cash credit even after reaching diamond level by earning 10,000 points in case the contents qualifying for earning cash credits are not posted by him/her.

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    How many point is require to be a gold form bronze.
    What is the right way to take more and fast point to become gold.?

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    If you are serious to earn from this site, then certain tips has to be followed. Firstly you must have the zeal to contribute self made articles in that section with whole lots of details. If the articles are with good presentation and lengthy, there are every chance of earning even 100 rupees per article. So if you write three articles daily 300 rupees daily and 9000 rupees in a month possible. Apart from that if you are regular in forum and other sections, there are every chances of earning more points and that will make you eligible for top 20 members who will stand benefited to share site revenue bonus for every month. Thus earning 10000 rupees per month is possible.
    K Mohan
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    Srivalli, it would be better if you spare some time and try to understand the various requirements of this site before becoming active here. A perusal of the various posts in different sections would have been able to give you an idea about the functioning of this site. So, learn first and earnings will follow. ISC is an educational site and so our parameters for posting contents are different from other general networking sites. Please go through the following links properly and come back if you are still in doubt-

    Help Topics covering various aspects related to ISC

    Current payment programs

    Guidelines to making money at ISC

    AdSense earnings and finally

    Sectionwise FAQs which need to be understood and followed.

    Do not worry about your member level or ranking and concentrate on posting quality contents with due attention to grammar and spellings. Your pockets will start ringing soon depending on your contributions and participation in various contests.

    One important point to remember, among others, is that you must not post any copied contents here. All the best!

    @Saiyonba, the points mentioned above applies to you also and may be taken note of.

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    Don't worry about your revenue or the member rank level. You can first get a good satisfaction on your contribution to the website. You are given full freedom here to share your views on various topics and discussions. You can also contribute articles and get cash credits for the same. If you get used to the forum section in the website, you will find it fun and interesting to share your views on many topics that you are interested to answer. You will also be able to read the views and posts from other members as well.

    You can then understand more about the website and contribute accordingly to start earning from the website. Don't think that it is hard.

    Thanks and Regards,
    S Balasubramanian

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    Thank I all for advicing Mr , definely I follow it advice's.
    Thanks & Regards

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