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    Being a responsible person is not any easy task but not impossible also

    We have seen so many responsible people in life and we would have also praised them for being responsible but we hardly try to understand how they manage to do things. At times, we some responsibility is assigned to us, without thinking twice we commit to it. We won't try to understand if we can handle it effectively or no. We feel everything is easy and we will be over confident about our self. But handling the responsibility is not very easy when someone has assigned to us with faith on us. Similarly we have seen so many people taking up all the responsibility at their home. Some will be the only bread earner for their entire family and their whole family will be dependent on them. They have to be very calculative in doing anything and they will also make sure to keep everyone in their family happy. I have seen a small girl of age 7 who has got a younger sister who is of age 3. This elder sister will take care of her younger sister like her mom does and is so responsible towards her sister. This 7 years old girl itself needs someone to take care of her but she takes care of her younger sister and shows her responsibility. It is not easy to take up all the responsibilities as we will have dependencies on us but at the same time it is not impossible also.
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    Responsibility comes naturally due to the prevailing circumstances in most of the cases. In the villages and even in cities, the women who work as labors at building construction sites etc. start working after delivering the baby only within a month or so and the new born babies are taken care of mostly by their elder sisters who themselves are hardly few years old. In their cases, there is neither any maternity leave of long duration nor any creche or such other facility. They let the baby lie on a piece of cloth at the work site itself and the elder girl child looks after the baby.
    In case of street children also, they start behaving and talking like mature persons even during their childhood.
    However we see many spoilt individuals even in wealthy families who never develop any sense of responsibility. Many individuals don't take care of their families and often waste their money and time like resources in vices like drinking, gambling etc.
    I think the parents are responsible for inculcating a sense of responsibility in their own children.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Yes I duly support the notion expressed by the author. Some responsibilities are always accompanied with commitment and that must be challenging and even the experienced hands would fail. One of the Private school teacher who was closely watched by the management for her ability to lead, has assigned the job of Principal. That was a big promotion for a teacher to get a Principal seat. Soon she taken the responsibility with pride and courage and mustard total support of the fellow teachers as team and thus proved her mantle with very good results in 10th class when compared to other branches. So what I mean to say that some times we fumble to identify the right talent and same time those who have right talent wont show up or comes to lime light. Moreover one chance must be given to a person whom we think fit to explore new ideas and that will work wonders.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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