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    Ghungroo-my body and I am her soul

    [This entry wins the second prize for the contest Me, a musical sound]

    Hi, I would like to introduce myself as 'Chham Chham'. Yes, the chham chham of "Ghungroos". Ghungroo have another name- Feet Bells and that's my origin. Many people think that, I arise mostly when my ghungroos are near to feet, but to be very frank, I just love what I am and from where I arise every time.
    Whenever my ghungroos are tied up on the ankle above the feet, I feel like touching the heaven.
    Apart from this, if we talk about my purpose, it is to give power to the rhythmic movements of feet while dancing, specifically Bharatnatyam and Kathak. Dancers love to hear me in rhythmic way and I love to co-ordinate with the "Chap" of their feet (when feet rhythmically tap on the floor while dancing, it gives some flat music, commonly known as 'Chap').
    I become more important when dancers play Question-Answers with Tabla. The Tabla gives a note as question and I come out from Ghungroos reciprocally as answer. The people having no idea about dance can also understand it and can enjoy it.
    Although many people do not find me beautiful, but I have my own importance in the field of music as well as dance, which is rare.
    Apart from dancing, you can find me coming out of some classical ornaments like anklets. Farmers love to decorate their pets with ghungroos and the reason is – their pets love listening me while working which improves their efficiency. They can also judge the movements of their pets by me.
    I am also used to make kids happy. That is the reason; ghungroos are used in preparing toys like "Jhunjhoona" for small kids. So, even an infant love to listen me. Ahhh, who does not want to be a reason for a kid's smile, I am very much fortunate to have a birth as what I am.
    You can even find some old Bollywood songs on our pair- Ghungroo and me. One classic example is- "Ghungroo is tarah, bajata hi raha hun mein..."
    It was all about the justification of my survival.
    Now, it's about my variations. Yes, although it seems like ghungroos give similar music all the time, but actually I have many variations and that can be understood by experts from the field of dance and music. All my variations are dependent upon the size, shape, quality, metal of ghungroos. If you will change the size, I will be changed, if you will change the metal, I will be changed. So, I am nothing without ghungroos and ghungroos are also useless if I am not there to make their presence audible.
    We have a strong bonding like body and soul. They cannot make remarkable impact without each other.

    This is my entry for Me, a musical sound
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    For the accomplished dancer of Bharathanatyam. Kuchoopudi, Kathakali or Odissi, having Ghungroo worn on two legs is important as that gives the real effect of sounds through moments of performer and adds pep to the dance music.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Some designs of anklets or 'payal' also used to produce rhythmic sound while walking and used to serve as an alert that the individual is approaching. Basically ghungroo is not a musical instrument. It was worn to actuate the rhythmic movement of feet during dancing. Very fine and trembling fast/vibrant movements of the feet were otherwise not noticeable visually with naked eyes. However the ghungroos used to convert such finer movements into audible form and used to enable the audience to feel and appreciate that.
    Also ghungroo is an object, not a sound.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Good thought . But Ghungroo is really not a musical instrument. It is simply a dancer's wear to produce some noise as per the movement of their feet. It doesn't play the sa re ga ma ........ which is music. It only makes chal chal chal... or cham cham cham.....noise.
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    Thanks Mohan Sir for your response.

    Kailash Sir (#568226) - Regarding my selection of "Chham Chham" originating from Ghungroos- I can provide you one external link for your reference- "".
    I searched before posting my entry and got many supporting links saying that Ghungroos are Musical Instruments.

    For your last statement- I played the role of "Chham Chham"- a music originating from Ghungroos and not as Ghungroos.

    Sun (#568236) - The music of Ghungroos can be a noise for some but their importance can be understood by classical dancers. They cannot even imagine their dance without Chham Chham of their ghungroos.


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    A good and imaginative thread. I immensely liked it. In this connection, let me also say that the sound of 'ghungroos (chham-chham)' has developed many great ghost stories in our country!
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