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    Why do people cry when in extreme happiness?

    Tears are mysterious, it comes out when in pain and also comes out when in extreme happiness. No one can exactly explain why it happens. When the emotions runs in our body, it don't see the time, the situation and the place, it just comes out.

    I was watching some videos from Olympics and I saw how the winners (some of them), could not control their tears when standing in podium and getting the medals. Some of them who could not win, they too could not control the tears. Whether we won or lost, in both cases we cried.

    So, my this thread is actually to connect the "tears and the happiness". Have you ever cried out because of extreme happiness?
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    Yes some times we get tears out of emotions and that is very natural. I am also get moved when some thing happens beyond our imagination and expectancy. When my daughter scored state first rank in 10th and I was asked to talk before media, that was really a situation which cannot be expected. Tears rolling my eyes I gave full regards to my daughter for keeping up the school and her own name. Yesterday when I was watching India Got Talent show, one of the contestant , a very poor person and who lost his father on the preliminary selection day, performed the act much to the delight of the judges and audience and eventually was selected. So when he was told that he was selected, tears rolled down his eyes and even I was also moved with that scene. After all we are human beings and we do get joy and sorrow when seeing others happiness and difficult moment.
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    Secretion of tears due to strong emotional stresses , be they negative like anger, sadness, mourning etc. or pleasurable like laughter, humor etc. are different than the other two types of tears , the one being the natural one to keep the eyes wet/lubricated and the other one caused by irritation due to onion fumes, tear gas etc.
    The scientists have carried out research to know as to how such tears get secreted and flow, but perhaps the biological jargon is of little interest from the common man's point of view.
    Apart from personal emotional stress, even the television serials with strong emotional drama can stimulate the glands to cause the tears to flow.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I never feel such a situation like coming tears on happiness. But i am seen alot of times on movies and heared from other peoples. I think happiness makes the body energetic and faces become glow. This makes in generating some enzymes and this result in tears on happiness.

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    Tears came out of my eyes when I was witnessing the evening "Aarti"of Mahakaleshwar at Ujjain. That was the first time ever I felt so happy and tears came out of my eyes uncontrollably. The vibrations I felt on that day reverberate even today. It was a joy that is to be felt andwhich cannot be explained.
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