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    Never get confused by the words talent and skill

    Most of the people get confused over using the word talent and skill. First of all let me explain in ordinary words about the Skill. By skill we mean a particular art or action which is acquired through thorow expertise and knowledge. Where as the talent is one which is inbuilt in every one and that cannot be measured with anything. Some have the talent of speaking well without any mistake but cannot write. Some have the talent of writing well , but cannot speak. Likewise we find varied persons in our daily life with different talent. You can share your feed back on this.
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    The most easily understood examples of skill are those practiced by the carpenters, plumbers, electricians, motor mechanics and nowadays repairers of various electronic gadgets like television, smart phones, computers etc. There are many such skill based courses offered by the ITIs. In the past and even in the present, many skilled workers don't attend any training institute and acquire skill through practice and by undergoing apprenticeship. The male child of a motor mechanic starts hearing sound of engine under repair during infancy and by the time he becomes able to walk and talk, start playing with the tools as toys and commences his apprenticeship even before reaching the age of adolescence.
    Thus skilled can be honed through practice.
    Talent is something which is inborn like in the case of singers, sports person, mathematicians, actors and many such other performing art forms which also can be honed through practice.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Talent and skill can both be developed. Skills are mainly psycho motor activities. Psycho motor activities are mainly mechanical. Talent is something of a special ability to do a particular job well. Talent depends mainly on the aptitude of the person. A person with an aptitude towards music can become a talented musician.
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    " Be Good and Do Good "

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